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1. Psychology A person who derives sexual gratification from covert observation of an unsuspecting person who is naked, undressing, or engaging in sexual activity.
2. An enthusiastic observer of sordid or sensational subjects.

[French, from Old French, one who lies in wait, from voir, to see, from Latin vidēre, to see; see weid- in Indo-European roots.]

voy·eur′ism n.
voy′eur·is′tic adj.
voy′eur·is′ti·cal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.voyeuristically - like a voyeurvoyeuristically - like a voyeur; "he sneaks voyeuristically around the swimming pool"
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But people are obsessed with it, watching on voyeuristically as a group of beautiful looking people show their utter contempt for dignity.
Throughout the film, scenes that at first were presented voyeuristically are shown again and revealed to be observed by another character, who looks on moralistically.
The viewer is positioned as voyeuristically occupying the scopophilic heterosexual gaze.
It was important to Weisz that the ecsalating relationship between the women was not handled voyeuristically, but critics have already focused on the sex scene as the centerpiece of the film, and I ask Weisz if she thinks that's fair.
Schippers suggests that Invisible Life offers a view of the "Down Low" that does not voyeuristically concern itself with the sex life of the protagonists, but is interested in 'a relationship orientation towards plurality as much as sexual orientation toward women and men' (82).
Moreover, one could reverse the perspective, and say Hopper paintings are like cinema freeze-frames, in which the viewer feels he or she voyeuristically is stealing a fleeting private moment from an often isolated, forlorn individual under glass.
In another study Zubair and Sheikh (2004) proposed from a feminist perspective that advertising is a patriarchal world wherein women were portrayed as saleable sexual objects for mal e pleasure and they were also exploited voyeuristically. Mirza claimed in a study conducted in (2009) that Pakistani magazines objectified women by devoting significant space to female images attached to different products as a passive saleable commodity specifically by titles and central fold pages, as compared to their positive and active social roles (teacher, doctor, social and health worker, politician, administrator and businesswoman).
Underneath, at left, a group of leggy, blue-skinned creatures, some in pink bathing suits, some bare-breasted, crowded forward over a pile of unattached legs and hands, while long-snouted, blank-eyed Kilroy-like heads peered voyeuristically over the rising planks to watch.
Neither he nor Hare lets us lose sight of our role: to watch, forensically and voyeuristically, for clues to the disaster.
Everything in the scene foregrounds the visual, making us feel like we are in the house, voyeuristically watching Frodo go about his day-to-day existence.
Even under the cloak of academic research, I've occasionally felt pangs of guilt voyeuristically trawling through Great War diaries and letters, knowing full well that those who wrote them suffered so much, or, worse, didn't survive.