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95 per cent seats booked from Jharsuguda and passengers are very happy," VSS Airport Director Sudesh Kumar Chouhan said.
Throughout Victims Week, VSS will be highlighting its services through the media and social media, focusing especially on young people and victims of hate crime.
Its deputy minister Datuk Mahfuz Omar said the representative of the union would be able to monitor the sales of assets of the newspaper company to give priority in making VSS payments to the employees involved, compared to other matters.
Also, VSS will report a first half-year net result to be a loss of USD40m, consisting of a loss from the sale of three PSV's of USD12m, write down of book values of the remaining two PSV's of USD8m and an operating loss of USD20m.
VSS (www.vss.com) is a private investment firm that invests in the information, education, healthcare, and tech-enabled business services industries.
VSS and management purchased TMP from Monster Worldwide in 2006.
In order to provide theoretical guidance for wastewater treatment and engineering design, the effects of parameters such as agitation rate, reaction temperature, aeration rate, and influent concentration on VSS removal were studied.
Founded in 2000 and headquartered in London, Thomsons Online Benefits, a portfolio company of VSS Structured Capital II, is a SaaS provider of global employee benefits and employee engagement software for automated employee benefits administration.
The previous VSS was greatly appreciated by employees as it provided a very lucrative package.
PTCL has offered VSS to 9,000 employees, which is half of its workforce of 18,000, announced Syed Mazhar Hussain, Chief Human Resource Officer of PTCL at a press conference.
Ten members of VSS voted in favour of the decision of the chairperson of the Supreme Administrative Court, Georgi Kolev, to not accord with the draft changes.
"VSS will grow 9 per cent in 2015 to reach $454 million.