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 (vŭg, vo͝og)
A small cavity in a rock or vein, often with a mineral lining of different composition from that of the surrounding rock.

[Cornish vooga.]

vug′gy adj.
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(vʌɡ) ,




(Mining & Quarrying) mining a small cavity in a rock or vein, usually lined with crystals
[C19: from Cornish vooga cave]
ˈvuggy, ˈvughy adj
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(vʌg, vʊg)

a small cavity in a rock or vein, often lined with crystals.
[1810–20; < Cornish vooga cave; compare Latin fovea pit]
vug′gy, adj.
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"I distracted myself by taking some pictures of the quarry," says William, "I even took one of Kenny part-way in the vug." After a few stressful minutes Kenny crawled back out the vug victorious.
There are many diverse types of pore space in carbonates such as intergranular pores, intraparticle pores, moldic pores, fractures, and vugs. Generally, carbonate reservoirs are more heterogeneous and flow mechanisms are more intricate, making carbonate reservoir development problematic.
The infiltrating water leaching the overlying altered basalt and basic Precambrian volcanics becomes calcium and iron- bearing and clay rich, thus it may deposite fine layers of clays and iron oxides as insoluble minerals with the vug filling calcite (Fig.
Table 1 The Stimulus Sets Employed in Experiments 1, 2, and 3 Set 1 Al VUG A2 LUP B1 "vug" B2 "lup" Set 2 A3 * A4 * B3 * B4 * Set 3 A5 RUP A6 TER B5 "rup" B6 "ter" Set 4 A7 * A8 * B7 * B8 * Set 5 A9 QEG A10 SOZ B9 "qeg" B10 "soz" Set 6 A11 * A12 [empty set] B11 * B12 [mu] Set 7 A13 HORSE A14 CHICKEN B13 "horse" B14 "chicken" Set 8 A15 BED A16 CAT B15 "bed" B16 "cat" Set 9 A17 BOY A18 GREEN B17 "boy" B18 "green" Set 10 A19 APPLE A20 TRACTOR B19 "apple" B20 "tractor" All of the stimuli contained within Set 2 were also depicted on white cards, identical in size to Set 1, but were black, two-dimensional abstract figures.
RenderWare is used extensively among the game development community, including heavyweights such as Activision, Atari, EA, Konami, Midway, Rockstar Games, Sammy Studios, SCEA, Sony Online, THQ, Ubisoft and VUG. RenderWare is currently powering over 500 games in development or released -- that's one in four console skus using their services and technology.
Here the city of New York is the setting and backdrop for a discussion between Calvino's mouthpiece Qfwfq and his female counterpart Vug on the respective merit of the values of order and disorder.
It was called the "Cresson Vug," essentially a large cavern -- 15 feet by 20 feet by 40 feet -- which produced more than 60,000 ounces of nearly pure gold.
Of most interest here are demos from the Palmer years - of the Rooster's hit single Devil's Answer and VUG - but Don't Lose Your Mind and End Of The Day suggest that arguments that the Rooster are one of the great forgotten hard rock bands of the 70s and early 80s may not be entirely misplaced.
Raj Vug 118 High Street Annan, Dumfries 01461 205520/202589