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 (vŭg, vo͝og)
A small cavity in a rock or vein, often with a mineral lining of different composition from that of the surrounding rock.

[Cornish vooga.]

vug′gy adj.


(vʌɡ) ,




(Mining & Quarrying) mining a small cavity in a rock or vein, usually lined with crystals
[C19: from Cornish vooga cave]
ˈvuggy, ˈvughy adj


(vʌg, vʊg)

a small cavity in a rock or vein, often lined with crystals.
[1810–20; < Cornish vooga cave; compare Latin fovea pit]
vug′gy, adj.
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The infiltrating water leaching the overlying altered basalt and basic Precambrian volcanics becomes calcium and iron- bearing and clay rich, thus it may deposite fine layers of clays and iron oxides as insoluble minerals with the vug filling calcite (Fig.
Participants were first trained explicitly to emit textual responses to the written nonsense syllables from Set 1 (A1: VUG, A2: LUP).
Porosity and pore space connectivity of the full sample depends on the original pore phase and vugs defined in G, inter-crystallite pore space in each phase and the way these different crystallite phases combine to form the full rock sample.
Yet, like Qfwfq's concession to Vug that the apparent order of New York conceals a 'chaotic magma' that characterizes the famous melting pot, Calvino is aware of the shortcomings of the Khan's method of mapping his universe.
Of most interest here are demos from the Palmer years - of the Rooster's hit single Devil's Answer and VUG - but Don't Lose Your Mind and End Of The Day suggest that arguments that the Rooster are one of the great forgotten hard rock bands of the 70s and early 80s may not be entirely misplaced.
Homogenization temperatures have been determined for the vug filling fluorite crystals, separated into inner, middle and outer layers of deposition.
Raj Vug 118 High Street Annan, Dumfries 01461 205520/202589
The Cresson mine holds the distinction of containing a "blow out" or large vug at a depth of 1,200 ft that contained approximately 60K oz gold.
The occurrence of lamination, vug and cavernous structures as part of the structural features (Figure 4) of the Nsofang metacarbonates possibly reflects the relevance of biogenic activity at some point in the evolutionary history of the rock.