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tr.v. vul·ca·nized, vul·ca·niz·ing, vul·ca·niz·es
To improve the strength, resiliency, and freedom from stickiness and odor of (rubber, for example) by combining with sulfur or other additives in the presence of heat and pressure.

vul′ca·niz′a·ble adj.
vul′ca·ni·za′tion (-nĭ-zā′shən) n.
vul′ca·niz′er n.
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Adj.1.vulcanized - (used of rubber) treated by a chemical or physical process to improve its properties (hardness and strength and odor and elasticity)
processed - prepared or converted from a natural state by subjecting to a special process; "processed ores"
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Key statement: A method for manufacturing a wet rubber masterbatch that will serve as raw material for vulcanized rubber having excellent tensile strength and tear strength and that will permit wet rubber masterbatch to be molded in a short time.
Four lagging options are available: Holz SLIDE -LAG, with double chevron grooves capable of bidirectional pulley rotation, available in standard SBR rubber or optional SOF static conductive, oil and fire resistant rubber; Dodge FOS Vulcanized Lag is an exclusive offering that is flame and oil resistant and available with a variety of grooving options; SBR Vulcanized Lag is a styrene-butadiene rubber offering good abrasion resistance and available in a wide range of thicknesses and grooving options; and Dodge D-LAG Vulcanized Lag, an exclusive natural rubber compound that offers excellent resistance to abrasions, cuts and gouges for an extended life.
Functions big Date at 12 o'clock -- Dual Time at 6 o'clock, case Shape: square, Width: 34.1 mm -- Length: 45 mm, Case in polished/satin-finished steel reinforced by lateral inserts in white vulcanized rubber, Water-Resistance 200 m, strap: white vulcanized rubber, central A1/2Clou de Parise decor.
I can't wear big bulky shoes; those vulcanized shoes hurt my feet.
These include Actymer, a dynamically vulcanized styrenic TPV with good heat and oil resistance.
The dynamic vulcanization process, which is the crosslinking of the rubber phase during melt mixing of plastic/rubber blends, was extensively used since dynamically vulcanized PP/EPDM blends show much better performance than simple PP/EPDM blends (23, 24).
The non-metallic Alligator[R] Spiral Lace Fastener System offered by Flexco provides a quick-replacement, low-profile, easily separable alternative to costly, high-downtime vulcanized splicing for thin, light-duty conveyor belts.
Company's non-metallic Alligator[R] Spiral Lace Fastener System is designed to provide a quick-replacement, low-profile, easily separable alternative to vulcanized splicing for thin, light-duty conveyor belts.
MicroCentric's design uses a vulcanized master collet whose parallel clamping action results in higher clamping forces than conventional spring - type master collets.
Certain tines of NexPrene furry vulcanized EPDM/PP thermoplastic elastomers have achieved the USP Class VI certificate of compliance for medical applications.