Vulcanized rubber

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India rubber, vulcanized.
- Knight.

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Key statement: There are provided a rubber masterbatch which can give a vulcanized rubber having a low hysteresis loss while having a low electrical resistance (low volume electrical resistance value); and a method for producing the rubber masterbatch.
Mountain Guide Boots now feature Kenetrek's high-traction vulcanized rubber K-73 outsole and are available uninsulated or with 400-gram Thinsulate.
Features include a wide visibility window, high-friction vulcanized rubber lining for increased positive grip, and interchangeable pads for even rubber wear.
One proven approach is replacing traditional vulcanized rubber materials with thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs).
1 mm -- Length: 45 mm, Case in polished/satin-finished steel reinforced by lateral inserts in white vulcanized rubber, Water-Resistance 200 m, strap: white vulcanized rubber, central A1/2Clou de Parise decor.
Without it, the exhaust can damage the disabled tank's vision blocks, hatch covers, precleaner, and even the vulcanized rubber on the scavenger shaft.
Adhesion to metal, glass, ceramics, wood, vulcanized rubber and plastic are ideal for electronic, construction, metalworking, automotive and chemical industry applications.
Uniroyal was a pioneer in demonstrating that, while not possessing all the properties of vulcanized rubber, such a TPE had sufficient properties for many applications with the added advantage of easy molding of parts and remolding of scrap.
Most people are happy knowing they'll never have a slice of vulcanized rubber slapped toward them at velocities above highway speed limits.
To confront that shortcoming, researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have made potential scaffold material by mimicking the microstructure of ordinary, vulcanized rubber. They call their new polymer biorubber.
1844: Charles Goodyear patented his vulcanized rubber process in the US: