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or wacked′-out′

adj. Slang.
1. exhausted; worn-out.
2. wacky; crazy.
3. stupefied by narcotics or alcohol; stoned.
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What, you wonder, will an innovator like Bourne (``Swan Lake,'' ``The Play Without Words'') make of a wacked-out little romance like this?
IT'S a big night for wacked-out American relationships on livingTV.
This hypothesis may sound dubiously deranged, but its par for the course in the wacked-out world of Philip K.
Alexander Hartdegen travels a whole 800,000 years into the future only to find a wacked-out world where mankind is divided into two populations--the Elois and the Morlocks.
Self-conscious teenager Natasha Lyonne is driven to distraction by her two brothers but finds a wacked-out ally when plain-speaking cousin Marisa Tomei comes to stay.
But his curmudgeonly comic genius and outrageous wit make them our own as well, a wacked-out set of scenes from our all-too-familiar world.
Jam-packed with more than 40 wacked-out mini-games such as Drunken Mayor, Private Number and Cliff Race 2000, WTF offers simple and intuitive gameplay making it easy for anyone to pick-up and play.
If Fox's Executive VPs in Charge of Constant Worrying could just find a way to harness the technology from its own wacked-out radar gun that has been off the charts in measuring the deliveries of the Detroit Tigers' pitching staff this fall.
Players will test their skills and earn cash with more than 40 wacked-out mini-games, use the money earned to unlock additional games and collect hundreds of unique prizes and unlock useful "real world" tools for the PSP system such as the Bar Calculator, World Clock and Ramen Timer.
Other local masterminds who may or may not be forces for good include Warren King (Greg Germann), who runs the top-secret development center, math whiz Nathan Stark (Ed Quinn) and wacked-out dogcatcher Jim Taggert (Matt Frewer), though he prefers the term ``biological control specialist.
95) features six of the funkiest and most colorful Halloween characters ever seen: Dracula, Crazy Lady, Bart the Bat, Green Bones, and Hillary the Wacked-out Witch.
The wacked-out title of Bow Wow Wow's debut album summed up its spirit: ``See Jungle