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(wăk′ē) also whack·y (wăk′ē, hwăk′ē)
adj. wack·i·er, wack·i·est also whack·i·er or whack·i·est Slang
1. Eccentric or irrational: a wacky person.
2. Crazy; silly: a wacky outfit.

[Variant of whacky, probably from the phrase out of whack; see whack.]

wack′i·ly adv.
wack′i·ness n.
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Adv.1.wackily - in a mildly insane mannerwackily - in a mildly insane manner; "the old lady is beginning to behave quite dottily"
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Wackily enough, just down the line of interviewees, the Canadians were speaking the greatest hits of the flummoxed, of those unexpectedly overrun by the vagaries of sports.
ATLANTA Known for being a company that's always ready to try something new, Atlanta Ballet's triple bill, MAYhem: Kissed, includes Gustavo Ramirez Sansano's wackily romantic El Beso, Yuri Possokhov's fast-paced Classical Symphony and a world premiere by wild woman Andrea Miller.
publicity materials) will be hard-pressed to discern their authorial signature here, apart from the script's fondness for wackily exotic names, a few stretches of showily overwritten dialogue and a slightly misanthropic streak that's been displayed with more sharpness and flair in their other films.
Orlovsky off speed is certainly lovable, as the title of his one volume of City Lights poetry, Clean Asshole Poems & Smiling Vegetable Songs, so wackily personifies.
10) Given his increasingly darkening mood, it's very difficult to imagine Allen ever making another movie as relentlessly cheerful as Everyone Says I Love You (1996), a romantic comedy that completely earns its wackily happy conclusion by presenting two-dimensional characters who are nonetheless likeably human and by drawing from the Marx Brothers' movies' capacity to never completely satirize characters so completely that the movies nullify them.
And with 13 teams, each wielding a wackily designed trolley, taking part the event has brought in plenty of vitally important cash for the charity.
Apart, that is, from the one who looked like a peroxide lady-version of Dennis Pennis and kept wackily pronouncing it "Soss-arge.
Christina Applegate is a shining beacon of wonderfully dry comedy, and is superb as Drew's long-suffering older sister and Charlie Day is wackily funny as Long's flatmate
TEA-TIME TREATS: More tea-time treats in the shape of wackily named whoopie pies, which have been a big hit in New York.
Balk zips through piles of inventories, lists, flowcharts, diagrams, sequential imagery and the like, whose mannered and sometimes wackily Rube Goldberg-like inventiveness causes each to turn in on itself--less a critique of communication than a means to foreground its endless proliferation, even if in an initially manic way.
Even the Kevin Kline of In and Out (1997), hardly a work of deep social significance, performed a valuable service by wackily demonstrating how hard it is to adhere to strict gender rules.
ELLIE PARKER: Naomi Watts' pet project, in which she plays an aspiring actress whose life goes wackily out of control.