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Wacky World is predominately aimed at children but the demand has been so high for adult events that they are also hosting 18+ adult only sessions so the big kids don't miss out
Instead, I found it provocatively wacky, unfunny and loud enough to wake the dead - and napping parents.
One rigging that works well but doesn't get a lot of play is a tube rigged wacky style with an Eco Pro Tungsten weight to help it sink into the fish zone.
But, we know that local tilts involving viewers as voters tend to be psychologically 'canted' in favor of the underdog-and, on 'I Can Do That,' Wacky Kiray was 'it.
Like "A-Tisket, a-Tasket," Wacky Dust opens with Webb's orchestra.
THE WACKY FACTOR: The International Festival of Worm Charming is one of our weirdest.
The Triple Threat Wacky Rig will be easy to deploy and begin using.
The Wacky Play Tester will also cut the ribbon and declare the soft play area open on June 20.
The applicants with the 20 best photos will each win a platinum card entitling them to a lifetime of free play with Wacky Warehouse.
Sam Hunter Baxter, the inventor, competed with 300 other wacky entries and his invention is going to be made into a real gadget, the Mirror reported.
WacKy has been shortlisted in the Youth WORK category which is sponsored by the National Youth Association.
Henry Brewster, joint general manager at the new Wacky Warehouse with Lindsay Gooda, said: "We were overwhelmed by the number we received for our fun new position, but Rhys' obvious enthusiasm and sense of adventure made him stand out from the crowd.