wade in

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To walk heavily, slowly, and with difficulty:
phrasal verb
wade in or into
1. To move or thrust at, under, or into the midst of with sudden force:
2. To start work on vigorously:
Idiom: hop to it.

w>wade in

(fig inf) (= join in a fight, controversy)sich einmischen (inf); (= tackle problem etc)sich voll reinstürzen or -werfen (inf), → sich hineinknien (inf); the new boss waded in with a few staff changesder neue Chef hat sich gleich mächtig ins Zeug gelegt und ein paar Umbesetzungen vorgenommen (inf)
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At least we both know how to dress," Chaumin told the Herald, after posing with both Muxo and Wade in a series of prom pictures.
Wade and Barney clash in the other semi and Skybet go 11-8 that just like 12 months ago The Power beats Wade in the final.
And remember, we should still talk about Wade in terms of potential - he is only 25, and still has some growing up to do.