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The Vion Tower features generous amenities exclusive to its residents which include a 25-meter lap pool and wading pool, function hall, fitness center, outdoor fitness area, children's playground, day care center, relaxation lounge and a library.
And such an environ has been made possible with the project's features and amenities that included a tropical garden deck in between the towers, jogging trails, wading pool, and a paved sunbathing deck, among others-all of which cater to providing a holistic lifestyle.
The city of Eugene is moving ahead with a $1.1 million renovation of a popular playground in Amazon Park in south Eugene that will include replacing the playground's large, elevated-walkway wooden play structure and removing a wading pool.
Families can enjoy a lap pool with a spa and wading pool at Hummingbird Park, and Meadowlark Park is the perfect place for a family picnic or barbecue.
Everything under the sun: beds on wheels, dancers with skateboards strapped to their bellies, 100 cyclists biking in circles, children holding umbrellas, shopping carts filled with electronic equipment, and a wading pool. The audience included "viewers" who watched from the sidelines and some "players" who participated in activities in the pool.
Common amenities include a swimming pool and wading pool and central courtyard.
In addition to its surf park, Royal Caribbean is introducing the H20 Zone, a family wading pool with spray cannons, jets, gushers and colorful sculptures that spray water.
Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, this aquatics facility boasts five vessels for all ages and activities: a lap pool; a high-tides pool; a family pool with water slide and zero-depth entry; a wading pool; and a spa.
One of our favorite spots is Lodi Lake, which has a well-run public beach, lifeguards, and a wading pool for kids.
You and your friends have filled the wading pool with water, are running through sprinklers, perhaps are enjoying a community swimming pool.
A preliminary investigation found that nine of these persons recently had visited a large city park with a wading pool. The Iowa Department of Public Health was asked to assist in an investigation of this outbreak.