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waf·fle 1

A light crisp cake made of batter and baked in a waffle iron.

[Dutch wafel, from Middle Dutch wāfel; see webh- in Indo-European roots.]

waf·fle 2

 (wŏf′əl) Informal
v. waf·fled, waf·fling, waf·fles
1. To be unable to make a decision; waver: He waffled over whether to ask for a raise.
2. To speak or write evasively: "The secretary waffled when she asked to see the dean" (Rita Mae Brown).
To speak, write, or act evasively about (something).
Evasive or vague speech or writing.

[Probably frequentative of obsolete waff, to yelp, probably of imitative origin.]

waf′fler n.
waf′fling·ly adv.
waf′fly adj.
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Noun1.waffler - someone who speaks or writes in a vague and evasive manner
communicator - a person who communicates with others
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[ˈwɒfləʳ] N (Brit) → charlatán/ana m/f, pico m de oro
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n (Brit inf) → Schwätzer(in) m(f)
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Humble pie was by then being eaten in huge chunks at the end of the game by Chris Sutton and the BBC Radio commentary team, as at two goals down to Japan they had mocked the Belgium 'Golden Generation' calling them wobblers and bottlers as they savaged the manager Roberto Martinez and described him as ex-Everton waffler.
The pass-through cut also helps IVANKA TRUMP and DONALD TRUMP JR., Education Secretary BETSY DEVOS (who could save at least $2 million), and wealthy members of Congress such as tax-bill waffler SEN.
* The Waffler: Posed as Steady Eddie but would acquiesce to curry favor from a loud voice.
Hang on to your hat as you ride the Dow and use all the tools at the Fed's disposal to save American workers from losing their jobs"), Digital First Media created The Waffler, where players are put in the shoes of a politician trying to answer questions about their position in a campaign, The Associated Press made a magnetic poetry-style app from which players could rearrange words from AP headlines and vote on their favorites.
Don't worry about pleasing others: That's a hit-or-miss proposition for anyone but the worst sort of waffler. Instead, make a concentrated effort to do what is right and to know what you stand for.
I once heard him say to a particularly beautiful make-up girl, 'I say, could you wind my watch?'" Croft, recalling that Dunn was a terrific waffler like Jones, said: "He was the only one who ad-libbed his own material and very often he'd hit on something in rehearsal and we'd say, 'That's marvellous, let's keep it in'.
His status as only a coordinator without any executive powers in Southeast Asia earned him a nickname, 'the waffler'.
But it is not in Kerry, another waffler, to be so blunt.
Garcia-Padilla offered details of 42 jobs created through the initiative, at the Waffler Avenue restaurant in the San Patricio sector in Guaynabo.
Do we really want to give the highest office in the land to Mitt Romney, a shape-shifter, a waffler, one who has lied under oath (during a friend's divorce proceedings concerning the value of Staples stock), one who believes a two-year missionary tour in France is as good as military service, a man who hides his finances and past taxes, one who condemns his own past policy successes (Romneycare)?
According to a new study, one in five employees admit taking on the role of 'office waffler' in a misguided attempt to impress their colleagues.
It was simple, they didn't trust the spoofer and felt safer with the waffler.