wage floor

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Noun1.wage floor - floor below which wages are not allowed to fall
floor, base - a lower limit; "the government established a wage floor"
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The last increase in the federal minimum occurred 10 years ago, the longest stretch without an adjustment since the wage floor was first enacted during the 1930s.
As my Mercatus Center colleague Michael Farren noted in a 2016 article at Inside Sources, a wage floor "sacrifices the future to try to save the present."
"If the NMW is to realise the ambition of a wage floor that can deliver a minimum essential standard of living, a timetable needs to be set out to reach the Living Wage."
In 2011 for example, when the wage floor was increased from N7,500 to N18,000, average inflation rate actually dropped from 13.7 per cent the previous year to 10.8 per cent.
Setting the wage floor substantially higher than the productivity of many workers will likely result in significant employment reductions.
"By creating a higher wage floor, this proposal will allow workers greater choices and mobility, even those workers outside the scope of the proposed legislation.
In the last couple of years, several hospital systems across the country have announced similar wage floor increases.
But it is not an altogether salutary precedent either, insofar as it sets an unrealistic wage floor -- many multiples higher than the average for the Mexican manufacturing sector as a whole.
A "luxury tax," a wage floor, unobserved performance and playing-time incentives, and restrictions on trading type-A and -B free agents, however, do exist.
This dramatic shift in the company's wage floor came with the stipulation that managers be relentless with their expectations and fire underperforming workers.
If employers observe wage floor laws on the books they are likely to be concerned with rises in such a floor.