wage freeze

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Noun1.wage freeze - a freeze of wages at a given level
freeze - fixing (of prices or wages etc) at a particular level; "a freeze on hiring"
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After Thursday's talks adjourned without a deal, VW's chief negotiator, JosefFidelis Senn, said the company had 'negotiated hard' for a two-year wage freeze.
The bans, authorised by the Australian Industrial Relations Commission, are part of a long-running wage dispute by maintenance workers at Qantas who refuse to accept a temporary wage freeze, reported The Associated Press.
A study by XpertHR of 29 public sector pay reviews due in April showed that just over half involved a wage freeze, covering 1.
Pressed, on a radio show yesterday, to say what the government would do in the event that the unions rejected the wage freeze, he said their decision would be respected.
The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) said its research found public sector employees were more pessimistic about pay, with half predicting a wage freeze.
But the pressure to a keep a lid on public sector pay will be stronger, with many workers facing a wage freeze, said Stuart Hyland of the Hay Group.
Members of the Australian Licensed Aircraft Engineers Association and the Communications, Electrical, Electronic, Plumbing and Allied Services Union voted in a secret ballot to approve a proposal from Qantas Airways for a wage freeze.
This strike was staged by a workforce, furious at being forced to pay three per cent more during a wage freeze, then working longer for a lower pension.