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Noun1.wage hike - the amount a salary is increasedwage hike - the amount a salary is increased; "he got a 3% raise"; "he got a wage hike"
increment, increase - the amount by which something increases; "they proposed an increase of 15 percent in the fare"
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We are examining which schools started increasing tuitions from three years ago," Bou Saab explained, "and to reveal who will have a legitimate right to slightly increase tuition because of the wage hike.
Despite the surge in the inflation rate, the National Wages Productivity Commission (NWPC) said it has yet to monitor any supervening event, which will allow for another round of wage hike in the Regional Tripartite Wages and Productivity Boards (RTWPBs).
I know McDonald's increased its minimum order price for delivery from 8,000 won to 10,000 won due to the wage hike," she said.
The six-year tax cut and wage hike agreement of 2016 has resulted in more predictability: payroll tax reductions have left HUF 400bn at enterprises.
As a small-business owner, I know firsthand the negative impact a mandated wage hike like that has on businesses, which are left with slimmer profit margins and fewer resources with which to hire more employees.
The court had also reiterated that the public should not be inconvenienced with festive season around the corner, and said that the government should immediately implement the wage hike of 2.
He explained that under the Wage Order, the wage hike is applicable to all domestic workers, whether on a live-in or live out arrangement, including general househelp, yaya, cook, gardener, laundry person or any person who regularly performs domestic work in one household on an occupational basis.
Download Asmar implores Aoun to push cabinet for immediate implementation of wage hike
Organized labor on Sunday accused the government and employers of delaying the release of a new wage hike order.
Summary: Minister of State for Combating Corruption Nicolas Tueni Wednesday warned merchants against raising the price of consumer goods following Parliament's wage hike approval.
CARACAS, Dhu-AlQa'dah 10, 1437, Aug 13, 2016, SPA -- Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Friday announced a 50 percent minimum wage hike that takes effect on Sept.
Ecelik added his party was closely following employers' concerns that the wage hike could dent their competitive power.