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A wage earner.


a person who works for a wage

wage′ earn`er

a person who works for wages.
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16) Prompted by Lenor, don Eduardo, a carpenter, asks lazzaro Michele why he chose to become a wageworker in his workshop: 'Non lo saccio.
This division frustrates a reading of Marx, as he is apt to frequently refer to the wageworker as a slave to the bourgeois capitalist, fettered to a work that has come to oppress him.
I do not benefit from the low-income housing project developed by the government because they demand many papers, including insurance and I get paid on a daily basis and do have a fixed job," wageworker Mohamed Saeed said.
Shukrullah, another daily wageworker, says earlier he would earn 1,000 Afs (17 USD) a week.
The Bill provides protection not only to women who are employed but also to any woman who enters the workplace as a client, customer, apprentice, and daily wageworker or in adhoc capacity.
Recently, Kejriwal had restored electricity connection of a daily wageworker after it was disconnected by the Electricity Department due non-payment of the inflated bill.
6) By using a feminist rhetoric of "choice" to describe the pattern of women's departure from the workplace in favor of full-time caregiving, the rhetoric remains insulated from broad criticism, perpetuates an inaccurate image of women's complicated life reality as wageworker and caregiver, and maintains a status quo workplace structure that is inherently discriminatory against women.
But with the growth of the service industry, children have accrued another role, that of potential wageworker.
In this view, workers constituted the class defined in political economy and supposedly found in the factory districts of Europe, the mobile wageworker, dependent almost wholly if not entirely on his wages for his livelihood and legally free to negotiate the terms of his employment.
Proposition 1: (a) The median voter is the median wageworker.
The report tracked the labour movement in the broader sense of the term, that includes every wageworker whether for a public or private institution, small businesses or handicrafts.
13) We were struck by the large number of wageworker cabins and tenements on the northern perimeter of the Chinese quarter.