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"Mumps one pound, that is what I have put down, but I daresay it will be more like thirty shillings -- don't speak -- measles one five, German measles half a guinea, makes two fifteen six -- don't waggle your finger -- whooping-cough, say fifteen shillings" -- and so on it went, and it added up differently each time; but at last Wendy just got through, with mumps reduced to twelve six, and the two kinds of measles treated as one.
Yet when they reached the church and were about to slip aside into their usual seats, a little beyond the font, where they could see the red-furred tails of the bellropes waggle and twist at ringing time, they were swept forward irresistibly, a Cloke on either flank (and yet they had not walked with the Clokes), upon the ever-retiring bosom of a black-gowned verger, who ushered them into a room of a pew at the head of the left aisle, under the pulpit.
( This type of neural refinement works in such a way that forager bees are now equipped to better sense the type of air vibrations that their fellow bees produce while doing their waggle dances.
And while the queen plays a unique role, the workers manage to make group decisions about where to forage, by means of something called the waggle dance.
One way honeybees do this is through their waggle dance.
Don't forget to wiggle your feet as you waggle your club with your hands.
In the article titled "Waggle Dances and Azimuthal Windows" [1], an acknowledgment should be added as follows.
Researchers hypothesized that bees would convey this danger signal by doing a waggle dance - behavior that directs other bees to a food source based on the position of the sun. 
Waggle Dance OUR bees and beer, a fine romance, it makes me want, to waggle dance.
Former Spurs academy graduate Daniels, 29, has been making tongues waggle with his impressive combative performances.
Further options include gesture control of the tailgate, which will open and close automatically at the waggle of a toe beneath the back bonnet.
Eggmen & Boom Boom's Waggle Dance, brought .to LightNight by Physical Fest.