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1. One who drives a wagon.
2. Wagoner Auriga.


(ˈwæɡənə) or


(Automotive Engineering) a person who drives a wagon


(ˈwæg ə nər)

1. a person who drives a wagon.
2. (cap.) the northern constellation Auriga.
3. Obs. a charioteer.
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Noun1.wagoner - the driver of a wagonwagoner - the driver of a wagon    
driver - someone who drives animals that pull a vehicle


nFuhrmann m


waggoner [ˈwægənəʳ] ncarrettiere m
References in classic literature ?
The cart was returning empty to Paris, and the two lackeys had agreed, for their transport, to slake the wagoner's thirst along the route.
The next time you show yourself inside the gates here, you shall be driven off with the dogs and the wagoner's whip."
"No," said Benassis, "that is only the wagoner. But see how the master's prosperity in business is reflected by all his belongings, even by the carter's wagon!
Vigneau in the house?" Benassis asked of the young wagoner.
"At last he had work enough for six men, to whom he pays good wages; he employs a wagoner, and everything about him wears an air of prosperity.
Then the two old mothers came out to speak to Benassis, and the young wagoner planted himself in the middle of the yard, in a spot from whence he could have a good view of the doctor.
The three women, the young wagoner, and two workmen who had left off work to greet the doctor, lingered there to have the pleasure of being with him until the last moment, as we are wont to linger with those we love.
That honest wagoner is thinking of his dinner, getting sadly dry in the oven at this late hour; but he will not touch it till he has fed his horses,--the strong, submissive, meek-eyed beasts, who, I fancy, are looking mild reproach at him from between their blinkers, that he should crack his whip at them in that awful manner as if they needed that hint!
"In the daybeforeyesterdayshortlyaftereleveno'clock Night, the inthistownstandingtavern called 'The Wagoner' was downburnt.
And you, you, D'Artagnan, a man sprung from the ancient nobility of France, bearing an honorable name, carrying a good sword, have helped to give up a king to beersellers, shopkeepers, and wagoners. Ah!
The biggest barrier to adopting SaaS technology that Eddy Wagoner, CIO for Corporate Solutions at JLL, has seen is that building owners and facility managers aren't technologists to properly evaluate solutions but are being presented with new technologies that say they will solve problems or create opportunities in the buildings.
Justin Wagoner told Kansas lottery officials on Wednesday, Jan.