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 (wä-hē′nē, -nā′) also va·hi·ne (vä-)
1. Hawaii A Polynesian woman.
2. Slang A woman surfer.

[Hawaiian, from Proto-Polynesian *fafine.]


(Anthropology & Ethnology) (esp in the Pacific islands) a Polynesian or Māori woman, esp a girlfriend or wife
[C19: from Māori and Hawaiian]


(wɑˈhi ni, -neɪ)

n., pl. -ne.
1. a Polynesian woman, esp. in Hawaii or New Zealand.
2. Slang. a young woman surfer.
[1835–45; < Hawaiian or Maori]
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- Special Treatment Units (STUs): Three additional STUs will be provided: one for tane, one for wahine, and one for rangatahi.
3.19 (480m): View Blue, Highly Focused, Balance Board, Woodburn Wahine, Quare Weather (W), Jumeirah Go Go (W).
Next round of charities include; Wahine Warriors of Tequesta, FL., Hannah's Home of Tequesta, FL., and Live Like Jake of Jupiter, FL.
NEWCASTLE (BAGS) 2.07: 1, WOODBURN WAHINE (4), 4-1; 2, Highclere Leo (2), 3-1 co fav; Bit View Lisa (1) & Nats Blue Boy (5), both 3-1 co favs; 1.25, 30.16; PS22.49, trio PS75.63.
The tribunal has also initiated the Mana Wahine inquiry, with its date yet to be set.
These experiences and my whanau have played a vital role in where I am today as a wahine Maori, as a researcher and in the development of my Ngati Kahungunu identity.
He Reo Wahine: Maori Women's Voices From the Nineteenth Century
Fresh unveilings include Aloha Bella, a one-stop shop for women's apparel; Anuenue, the resort's first-ever on-property logo store; Kapahikaua Gallery, with Hawaiian wood keepsakes; and Happy Wahine, with tropical handbags.
The research draws upon mana wahine research (an approach that privileges Maori women's perspectives and analyses) (Pihama, 2001).
Get some real pretty wahine with that combination," she added, for Milly's sake.