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v. wailed, wail·ing, wails
1. To make a long, loud, high-pitched cry, as in grief, sorrow, or fear. See Synonyms at cry.
2. To make a prolonged, high-pitched sound suggestive of a cry: The wind wailed through the trees.
v.tr. Archaic
To lament over; bewail.
1. A long, loud, high-pitched cry, as of grief or pain.
2. A long, loud, high-pitched sound: the wail of a siren.
3. A loud, bitter protest: A wail of misery went up when new parking restrictions were announced.

[Middle English wailen, probably of Scandinavian origin; akin to Old Norse vāla, vǣla.]

wail′er n.
wail′ing·ly adv.


in a wailing manner
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That may sound terribly insensitive, but there it is: When you wailingly bare all of your emotions on national TV, the medium is no longer the message.
Its hospitals are wailingly overcrowded with burnt and maimed civilians, many of them children, and all of them victims of the computerized missiles, shells and bombs launched by the city's liberators.
But however wailingly Keane yammered and Stammered about the plight of the exploited he was outwailed for wailer of the week by Wails (there's nothing for it, I fear, but to adjust the spelling of yr hen wlad) manager Mark Hughes, which is why there's a fair chance that he's the toy-launching perambulator's perambulatoree.