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1. Having a waist or a part like a waist.
2. Having a waist of a specified kind: high-waisted; slim-waisted.
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a. having a waist or waistlike part: a waisted air-gun pellet.
b. (in combination): high-waisted.
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(ˈweɪ stɪd)

1. having a waist of a specified kind (usu. used in combination): long-waisted.
2. (of an object, a container, etc.) shaped like a waist; having concave sides: a waisted vase.
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مُلائِم الخَصِر
bele oturan


adj clothestailliert
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[ˈweɪstɪd] adj (dress) → segnato/a in vita
high-/low-waisted → a vita alta/bassa
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(weist) noun
1. (the measurement round) the narrow part of the human body between the ribs and hips. She has a very small waist.
2. the narrow middle part of something similar, eg a violin, guitar etc.
3. the part of an article of clothing which goes round one's waist. Can you take in the waist of these trousers?
ˈwaisted adjective
shaped to fit round the waist. a waisted jacket.
waistband (ˈweisbӕnd) noun
the part of a pair of trousers, skirt etc which goes round the waist. The waistband of this skirt is too tight.
waistcoat (ˈweiskəut) noun
(American vest) a short, usually sleeveless jacket worn immediately under the outer jacket. a three-piece suit consists of trousers, jacket and waistcoat.
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Further out still lay a great merchant-ship, high ended, deep waisted, painted of a canary yellow, and towering above the fishing-boats like a swan among ducklings.
He was a young man with a beard, wearing a full, short- waisted coat, and looked like a messenger.
Their brisk, withered little dames, in close crimped caps, long waisted short-gowns, homespun petticoats, with scissors and pin-cushions, and gay calico pockets hanging on the outside.
PS30, www.next.co.uk PS PAISLEY HIGH WAISTED SHORTS BY GLAMOROUS: Great for the spring and summer, pair these watercolour shorts with the matching co-ord top.
Green puffer jacket PS25, supersoft jumper PS10, straight high waisted jeans PS13
From long, fluid lines, bootcuts, cigarette pants, wide legged, straight legged, shorts, culottes, wrap blazers, one button, three button, double-breasted, oversized, second skin, high waisted, with vests, on the Duchess of Sussex, Naomi Campbell, Anyiko Owoko, Lucia Musau, curvy beauties like Avril, Amina Abdi to Akothee, supermodels, three-piece, with rubber soles, strappy sandals, court shoes, with lingerie, bralettes, cut out blazers - you think it, someone has worn it.
Theblack distressed high waisted skinny jeanslook perfectly normal from the front, but when you turn around, you might give everyone a shock.
LAHORE -- Punjab Food Authority (PFA) during its ongoing crackdown in the province seized a total of 24688 litres of poor/adulterated milk on Monday and waisted it.
HIGH WAISTED TROUSERS, PS40, ASOS.COM Shimmery and shiny - embrace your inner mermaid and let yourself be dazzled by this micro-trend.
But for the Scottish event the 23-year-old looked demure and delicate in a Dior pencil dress featuring a high waisted white pencil skirt and pale blue knotted silk top which showcased a teeny hint of toned tum.
Rumer wore a black crop top and a matching high waisted skirt with two cuts on the right side.