wait behind


w>wait behind

vizurückbleiben; to wait behind for somebodyzurückbleiben und auf jdn warten
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"Have you the courage to come with me; to wait behind out of sight; and to hear what he says with his own lips?
Before she turned the corner, and showed herself within the range of view from the window Lady Lundie looked back, and signed to Blanche to wait behind the angle of the wall.
They passed within view of a stolid white house, and saw in front of it groups of their com- rades lying in wait behind a neat breastwork.
Jurgen Klopp proved Liverpool vs Manchester City was a friendly, but tough, rivalry by making his Reds stars wait behind after their Community Shield defeat.
It seems menace is always lying in wait behind someone's door.
Fajardo, though, is happy to Heruela go to a new team that could use his talent unlike in San Miguel where the 5-foot-10 point guard had to wait behind Alex Cabagnot, Von Pessumal, and Chico Lanete,
His mother, Heidi Wells, has refused to put him on the bus since the chaperone was removed and is now having to spend more money transporting him herself, while Jack is having to wait behind on his own after school until she gets there from picking her younger son Billy up from a different school.
Cllr Lewis Young, Middlesbrough Council's executive member for economic development and infrastructure, said: "This is a simple scheme which means traffic turning left will no longer have to wait behind vehicles turning right.
The British were ambushed at Ballyellis, where rebels chose to wait behind a curve in the road and hemmed in the British on three sides.
We do a lot in training and a few of us wait behind and do a bit extra.
The night of the racing tournament arrives and Cool Cat and Top Dog, along with a carnival of other animals, wait behind the starting point.