A waiting list.
tr.v. wait·list·ed, wait·list·ing, wait·lists
To put on a waiting list.
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a waiting list
vb (tr)
to place on a waiting list; to create a waiting list for
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1. to place on a waiting list: I was waitlisted for the next flight.
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nWarteliste f
vt to be waitlistedauf der Warteliste stehen
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In addition to the continued monitoring of the waitlist, transplants, and organ utilization under the new KAS, the one-year analysis also included data regarding six-month patient and graft survival and post-transplant serum creatinine levels, and waitlist mortality pre- and post-KAS.
Waitlist enables drivers to use their mobile phones to "line up" to use a charging station.
"I feel so deeply for the kids and parents who are stuck on a long waitlist for a quality education," she said in a press release.
If you can no longer attend, please cancel with TAPE or via your Eventbrite booking so as places can be offered to people on the waitlist.
To determine the relative effect of the birth cohort on HCV-related ESLD incidence in the United States, we analyzed trends in liver transplantation (LT) waitlist registrations and LT surgeries during 1995-2012.
Participants underwent a baseline assessment that included all study measures and were then randomly assigned to mindfulness meditation, hatha yoga, or a waitlist control condition.
In case of unavailability of locker in the preferred branch, the customer will be directed to the waitlist module, wherein she/he will be provided the waitlist number.
A recent network meta-analysis by Zhu and colleagues [1] compared two different comparators (psychological placebo and waitlist control) in trials assessing the effectiveness of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for the treatment of generalized anxiety disorder (GAD).
This meta-analysis concluded that counseling and psychotherapy generally have a small to medium effect in treating anxiety in school-aged youth for termination (waitlist [k = 55; n = 2,959] d = .60[.52-.68]; placebo [k = 14; n = 867] d = .57[.42-.72]; treatment-as-usual [k = 10; n = 371] d = .32[.14-.50]; single group [k = 39; n = 889] d = .42(.37-.48]; and followup (waitlist [k = 22; n = 1,039] d = .51[.39-.63]; placebo [k = 2; n = 134] d = .73[.42-1.03]; treatment-as-usual [k = 9; n = 327] d=.21 [.02-.44]; single group [k = 36; n = 788] d = .58[.51-.65]).
The House Veterans Affairs Committee voted unanimously to subpoena all emails and other records in which Shinseki and other VA officials may have discussed destruction of what the committee called ''an alternate or interim waitlist'' for veterans seeking care in Phoenix.
Participants were randomly assigned to either Qigong exercise or waitlist. Randomization was done using computer-generated random numbers.
The global liver allocation system in use until 2002 was based on the Child-Turcotte-Pugh (CTP) scale and other scores as well as on the waiting time; the system became the major discriminator of patients on the waitlist without reflecting their actual liver dysfunction.