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A waiting list.
tr.v. wait·list·ed, wait·list·ing, wait·lists
To put on a waiting list.


a waiting list
vb (tr)
to place on a waiting list; to create a waiting list for



1. to place on a waiting list: I was waitlisted for the next flight.


nWarteliste f
vt to be waitlistedauf der Warteliste stehen
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Full funding of our Section 21 and 29 waitlists and no reduction of services or funding for our elderly or disabled populations and prioritization of our fiscal obligations, including Riverview.
With funding tight and waitlists long, two renewable-energy rebate programs--one for homeowners, the other for businesses --have closed until further notice.
com/entry/handmaids-tale-waitlists-surge-in-libraries_us_58eb8840e4b00de141050bef) waitlists for the book, it's no surprise that Hulu's adaptation of Margaret Atwood's "The Handmaid's Tale" is a highly anticipated TV show.
Report authors used a mathematical model to predict the effect of changing any one of three factors that contribute to inmates with mental illness not receiving the psychiatric care they need before being tried in court: reducing the number of people with serious mental illness being arrested and added to psychiatric bed waitlists, eliminating administrative factors that lengthen hospital stays and increasing the number of beds.
That might explain the 658 students on waitlists to attend her schools.
All of our buildings have waitlists because JASA has a reputation for providing high-quality, affordable and secure housing for older adults and disabled individuals in prime locations.
This shortage in treatment facilities has resulted in waitlists ranging from a few weeks to a few months.
A significant spending effort will be eliminating waitlists at community mental health centers, said Greg Hansch, policy coordinator for the National Alliance on Mental Illness Texas chapter.
Yet it seems the government is building more and more dwellings, while the length of waitlists continues to give rise to resentment.
One radio professional in Los Angeles reported that "even in the current soft economy, some of [local AM station] KFI's programs have waitlists for advertisers who want to buy commercial time.
ReServe Q software offers online reservations for restaurants and other dining venues, as well as waitlists for guests.