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A waiter or waitress.


the common gender form for waiter or waitress


(ˈweɪtˌpɜr sən)

a waiter or waitress.
[1975–80; wait (er) or wait (ress) + -person]
usage: See -person.
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A waitperson approached, torched the alcohol in the dish, and a large flame leaped to life.
The waitperson came around and said, "Is everything all right, Mr.
The waitperson brought in a bowl with a mix that didn't look close to halo-halo despite the ice cream topping, the closest thing to everybody's idea of the summer cooler.
This is actually nowhere close to anything he said to any waitperson, other than the "Buddy" part, but the point is that he has a knack for completely disarming all but the gruffest of waiters with a combination of flattery, bullying, and lots and lots of words said very, very quickly.
An imaginative beer list features Pacific Northwest craft brews on tap that will leave you speechless for several minutes after the waitperson asks, "What'll you have to drink?"
When the guest check was presented, the guests looked over the check and discovered that the waitperson had only charged them for two meals, instead of three!
Your waitperson in a restaurant will be Estonian, Latvian, Romanian, or Bulgarian...
Restaurants need to "make it a viable and visible alternative beverage choice and part of the waitperson's vernacular when they're approaching a table."
The atmosphere is nice; however, this was also the only restaurant where a waitperson made an unwelcome comment about my Asian identity.
Even more crucially, did it matter that every waitperson and every bartender I encountered had recently immigrated from Eastern Europe, spoke accented English but without a brogue, and couldn't possibly know that, picking up my credit card and reading my name, it might be opportune to ask from where my Irish ancestors hailed?