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wait staff

or wait·staff (wāt′stăf′)
Personnel employed to serve at tables, as in a restaurant.


pl n
US and Canadian the collective term for waiters and waitresses


(ˈweɪtˌstæf, -ˌstɑf)
1. a staff of waiters or waitresses who wait on tables, as in a restaurant.
2. a waiter or waitress.
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He was appreciative of the feedback and said he'd bring it up with both the chef and the waitstaff. We were ultimately pleased with the outcome, if not the dish.
Tempur Cinema offers reclining beds equipped with cellphone chargers, hangers and service bells to call the waitstaff. Courtesy of CJ CGV
Gracious waitstaff circulated with canapes and wine, and the Winford's Jami Ledesma was welcoming, even of this latecomer.
These days, many people leave service entirely up to waitstaff, and so taking on a small service role yourself will make you stand out to guests as a host.
It was impossible to go anywhere near it without one of the waitstaff pointing it out with an anguished and slightly panicked expression.
It was a little disappointing that the service didn't always match the food, with waitstaff alternating between being attentive and distracted -- mostly the latter as the evening got busier.
Available positions include ushers, gate attendants, ticket window attendants, retail workers, field crew, cashiers, cooks, kitchen and stand managers, premium-level waitstaff, team store staff and janitorial staff.
In case one didn't notice the traditional Pashtuni outfits worn by the waitstaff, a look around would enrapture one's gaze at the old fashioned stone walls, the petromax lanterns hanging aloft and ancient weapons tastefully used as wall decor to make it sink in that you have, indeed, entered an Afghani restaurant.
I often end up staring intently at the darn thing while reading the same line over again then eventually ignoring it altogether and asking the waitstaff for the house specials, which is exactly what I did.
At Marina Social, you can just say to the waitstaff, "feed me," and they'll let the chef decide what should be part of the four, six or eight-course menu.
The plaintiff further alleged that the defendants violated the state's Tips Act by requiring waitstaff to cover unpaid bills with their tips when a customer left a restaurant without paying.
Order accuracy, food quality variety, and waitstaff service improved over the previous year.