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Any of various Japanese verse forms alternating lines of five and seven morae with an additional last line of seven morae, especially tanka.

[Japanese : wa, Japanese, of Japan (from Early Middle Chinese ʔwa, Japan, the Japanese, also the source of Mandarin , archaic name for Japan) + ka, song, poem (from Middle Chinese ka; see tanka).]
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1. (Nautical Terms) a Māori canoe, usually made from a tree trunk
2. (Peoples) a tribal group claiming descent from the first Māori settlers in New Zealand
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Some of his compositions that made it to the disc are "Ikaw Hanggang Wakas," "Magulang" and "Kaibigan."
Wakas said he had differences with Q-league leadership as even remaining in government he exposed corruption case within alliance government.
But he was then spotted by friends Waqar Salim, Humzah Shah and Wakas Khalid - who turned his life around.
Wakas Hussain's life support was turned off two days after he was hit by a National Express bus in Foleshill Road back in January.
This overused and much-abused Johnny Depp quote may have helped a bit the male lead character of the ongoing 'Sa Wakas: A Pinoy Rock Musical'-but we're getting ahead of the story.
Wakas Hussain suffered severe head injuries in the collision in Foleshill and spent two days on a life support machine before his loved ones made the painful decision to switch it off.
Lav Diaz's short film, 'Ang Araw Bago ang Wakas,' won best feature at the recent 14th Tabor Film Festival in Zabok, Croatia.
Diaz's 16-minute work, Ang Araw Bago ang Wakas, won the Principal Prize at the 62nd International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, held last May 10.
With the enduring music of Sugarfree as its main driving force, the ongoing rock musical "Sa Wakas" has made theater-an art form occasionally perceived as elitist-more relatable and accessible, especially to the youth.
Business owner Wakas Khalid hopes his new venture will be a positive example to people in a city that's recently been hit by a wave of violent crime.
class="MsoNormalThe cast includes a Kenya Pipeline welder, identified as Mr Francis Amina Juma, his nephew, Mr John Huba Waka, and Mr Wakas wife, Ms Beryl Aluoch Khasinah, an employee of the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF).