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A short, very broad water ski ridden in the manner of a surfboard by a person towed by a motorboat.

wake′board′er n.
wake′board′ing n.
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(Swimming, Water Sports & Surfing) someone who rides a wakeboard
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Above, a dog cools off in Ayrshire and a wakeboarder on Loch Lomond
With Downtown Dubai providing a stunning backdrop, the video also showcases various stunts performed by six XDubai athletes including Hollywood stuntman, Damien Walters; wakeboarder, JB O'Neill, parkour athletes Lynn Jung and Kie Willis; BMX rider, Ola Selsjord; and obstacle course racer, Barbara Company.
Further evidence of banal normality: he's engaged to be married in a few months, his fiancee being an athlete like himself -- actually a wakeboarder, which perhaps explains why Aras was by far the more nervous of the two when the couple did some parasailing (the sport where you're towed behind a speedboat on a parachute) in Napa last week.
Avid wakeboarder Pete McCall created his own water sports site by literally digging out four acres of family farmland.
Avid wakeboarder Pete McCall has created his own water sports site by literally digging out four acres of family farmland.
Mohammad Al-Aseeri a 19-year-old skateboarder, said: "I have been skateboarding for two years and this is the first time I have been in a park with proper ramps -- it is such an amazing experience." Danny Madrid, 25, a cyclist from Spain, said: "It's great that the Saudis are promoting something like this." He advised young Saudis thinking of taking up an adventure sport: "Get a bike or a skateboard, or whatever it is that you are interested in, and just have fun with it." Wakeboarder JD Webb said that he was extremely happy to be in Jeddah: "It is pretty awesome that they are pushing for adventure sports here.
Above: Police patrolling the Tall Ships in Canning Dock Right: A Wakeboarder in action in the Salthouse Dock Pictures: JASON ROBERTS, ANDREW TEEBAY and CRAIG GALLOWAY
In December 2013, for instance, energy drink company Red Bull aired an ad showing Dutch wakeboarder Duncan Zuur performing stunts inside the water-filled lower section of Jeita Grotto.
Secret life: "I was a semi- professional wakeboarder in college.
The results account for the failed drug test of Canadian wakeboarder Aaron Rathy.
The day-long action-packed event will witness a professional demonstration of the high-energy sport, as well as a hands-on workshop conducted by professional wakeboarder Duncan Zuur covering "tricks" and "kickers" for the aerial jumps.