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v. wak·ened, wak·en·ing, wak·ens
1. To rouse from sleep; awake: The noise wakened me.
2. To rouse from a quiescent or inactive state; stir.
3. To cause to be aware; alert or enlighten: The news wakened the king to his advisers' treachery.
1. To become awake; wake up: I plan to waken at six o'clock tomorrow. See Usage Note at wake1.
2. To become aware: wakened to the truth.

[Middle English wakenen, from Old English wæcnan; see weg- in Indo-European roots.]

wak′en·er n.
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Noun1.wakening - the act of wakingwakening - the act of waking; "it was an early awakening"; "it was the waking up he hated most"
arousal, rousing - the act of arousing; "the purpose of art is the arousal of emotions"
reveille - a signal to get up in the morning; in the military it is a bugle call at sunrise
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References in classic literature ?
That had not been a happy wakening, for it brought with it the bitter disappointment of the preceding night.
He thought this so clever of him that he could scarcely resist wakening her to hear her say, "Oh, Peter, how exquisitely you play." However, as she now seemed comfortable, he again cast looks at the window.
In these poems, well-known figures step out of old texts to alter their stories and new figures arise out of the local air -- a girl with a fury of bees in her hair, homesick statues that step down from their pedestals, a bat cave whose altar bears a judgment on our worship of war, and a frog whose spring wakening invites our own.
'Tomorrow's event outside the press club is very important as Lahore is wakening to the call for raising a voice for victims of enforced disappearances from outside Punjab,' says one of the organisers for the Saturday protest.
His swift wakening before the party congress causes more confusion and damage than good.
And Yorkshire's wildlife seems more than aware, wakening up from the mild winter.
Baquba / NINA / Five soldiers and an official in the wakening forces were killed in an explosion of an improvised explosive device northeast of Baquba.