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[After Count Franz Adam von Waldstein-Wartenburg (1759-1823), Austrian botanist .]
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Someone who is looking for a fast-growing, full coverage ground cover that is rather aggressive might consider waldsteinia. It is easily grown in average, well-drained soil in full sun to part shade.
Ajugas with white, pink, blue, or purple flowers and leaves of various colors, Lady's Mantle (Alchemila), Lily-of-the-Valley, some of the Astible, Epimedium, ferns, Lamium, Ground Phlox, Veronica, Carex, Liriope, Waldsteinia (Barren Strawberry), Thyme in great variety, as well as the Sedums and Hens and Chickens that can be used in hot, dry, sunny locations.
GENERAL: Cotoneaster 'Autumn Fire' is semi-evergreen with willow-like leaves, white flowers and red berries; Vinca major (greater periwinkle), 9in high, blue flowers; Hypericum (Rose of Sharon), 15in, yellow flowers; Hedera 'Sulphur Heart', leaves splashed yellow; Waldsteinia ternate, carpeting, dark, glossy leaves, yellow flowers.
A THERE are several shadetolerant ground cover plants, such as ivy, Waldsteinia ternata (which has yellow flowers) and Rubus tricolor that will give you a good mat of cover.
Waldsteinia ternata and Ajuga reptans 'Braunherz' work well together as they are the same height but contrast in colour and texture.
He filled the strips with soil and plants: hen and chicks (Sempervivum), creeping thyme, strawberry-like ground cover (Waldsteinia), hypericum, and Irish moss (Sagina subulata).
There are a hundred or more candidates, from Ajuga to groundcover roses to Waldsteinia (Siberian Barren Strawberry) and Xanthorhiza (Yellowroot).
The most interesting of groundcover plants, however, are still drawn from among the ranks of herbaceous perennials, well-known varieties like London Pride, Saxifraga umbrosa, the native bugle, Ajuga reptans, Potentilla alba, and Waldsteinia ternate, all laying down an almost flat carpet.
A There are several shade-tolerant ground cover plants such as ivy - use one with yellow leaves such as Gold Heart or Sulphur Heart to add a splash of colour - Waldsteinia ternata (which has yellow flowers) and Rubus tricolour, which will give you a good mat of cover.
For deep dry shade, including banks, try Waldsteinia ternata, a carpeting plant with dark, glossy leaves and small bright yellow flowers in spring.
Waldsteinia ternata, which has yellow flowers, and Rubus tricolor will give you a good mat of cover.