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It did not disclose the actual number of employees who will lose their jobs, but its local union said around 600 of its members were expected to receive their walking papers by March.
If this arrangement works for the next 30 days or so - and signs indicate it will since Marcial has a grasp of the affairs of the PBA inside-out, is media savvy and is generally well-liked by the coaches and players and the governors themselves - instead of getting his walking papers next month and returning to his old job, the new OIC could be asked to warm his seat a little while longer.
Wendell McKines, whom most everyone thought would be given his walking papers after Rain or Shine started out with a 1-4 record, again stood at the forefront of the Elasto Painters' attack in hammering Meralco, 96-89, for No.
I'm told by reliable sources that six vice presidents received their walking papers shortly after the story ran, part of the 25 layoffs that the nonprofit had announced where imminent.
But trouble arrives when the network's soon-to-retire weeknight anchor (an amusingly Brokaw-ish Harrison Ford) offers Veronica his chair, while simultaneously handing Ron his walking papers.
Put down those plans to build a new BBQ, you NEED to witness the wonder that is Walking Papers at The Pint on Eden Quay.
Jason Williams claims in a suit he filed last week in a California state court that after he reported that several senior managers were engaging in illegal activities, PIMCO handed him his walking papers.
Doctor Z went on an Expedition, and Danilo Cerezini got his Blind walking papers.
WALKING Papers, featuring Duff McKagan (Guns N Roses/ Velvet Revolver) Jeff Angell (Post Stardom Depression / The Missionary Position) and Barrett Martin (Screaming Trees/Mad Season) will play The Vault in Rugby on Tuesday, November 6 as one of the five dates on their debut UK tour.
Eventually deciding that a more prestigious job may be the key to finding a new girlfriend, Griffin prepares to turn in his walking papers and reinvent himself.
The journey begins with the deliberate, funky march of Walking Papers.
and ultimate walking papers so they are not known as the most incompetent driver left standing.