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* Interview with a walking patient (Needham):
ISLAMABAD -- Increasing the pace of walking may bring some added benefits as a new study said that faster walking patients with heart disease are hospitalised less.
Washington D.C [USA], Apr 21 ( ANI ): Faster walking patients with heart disease are hospitalised less, a recent study has found.
History of stroke, dementia and alcoholism, chronic intake of drugs affecting cognition, severe visual and hearing impairment and using aids for walking patients are excluded.
"It's everything from walking patients with minor injuries to patients that will require hospital transport," Ambulance NSW spokesman Chris Bray said.
For example, Socie etal (13) studied a group of 81 independently walking patients with MS (mean EDSS, 2.8; range, 0-5.5).
The wide clinical spectrum including walking patients with attention deficits or with psychiatric symptoms only or those already have been diagnosed with epilepsy in one end and patients with anoxia-related coma with high mortality rates in the other end poses important difficulties, understandably (2).
Walking patients through the intricacies of co-payments, subsidized plans and new email accounts is all part of the job for navigators at Family Health Center and other centers across the state, as open enrollment for publicly backed health insurance moves into its fourth week in Massachusetts.
The data also showed that the more walking patients did, the less likely they were to die--for example, those who walked for 30 minutes three to four times a week were 28 percent less likely to die.
The team also found that the more walking patients did, the less likely they were to die.
Consequently, to achieve aerobic benefits from daily walking patients should be encouraged to increase the quantity of walking, and additional emphasis needs to be placed on increasing the intensity of walking if possible.