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Noun1.walking shoe - a light comfortable shoe designed for vigorous walkingwalking shoe - a light comfortable shoe designed for vigorous walking
shoe - footwear shaped to fit the foot (below the ankle) with a flexible upper of leather or plastic and a sole and heel of heavier material
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She held up one foot and then the other, encased in stout walking shoes which she had begun that morning to break in about the house.
While this short dialogue was going on, the gentleman who had enacted the savage, came up, with his walking shoes on his feet, and his slippers in his hand, to within a few paces, as if desirous to join in the conversation.
When next he heard his wife's footsteps overhead he knew, as well as if he had seen her doing it, that she had been putting on her walking shoes.
99 SAVE: PS16 Regatta women's Garsdale waterproof walking shoe, Blacks, Were PS60, Quechua Now PS25 SAVE: PS35 Forclaz 500 women's grey walking trousers, Decathlon, Were PS24.
With its clean look, it's a very capable walking shoe built on a running shoe platform.
I sold the walking shoe and I was late to the game because I was honestly very skeptical of the shoe," he said.
In the present study, Shakoor said, flip-flops and the walking shoe were flat, flexible and lightweight and seemed to mimic the mechanics when walking with bare feet.
Large grips on the sticky Vibram Planet sole will help you keep to the straight and narrow whether it be a jungle trail or an airport concourse--while the Exowrap lacing system, which also features in the Sirocco walking shoe and Picos walking boot, ensures fit and comfort.
The new Merrell Siren Sport Q2 GTX walking shoe is designed for women who enjoy walking.
9 ounces); WK706 Walking Shoe breathable leather; sole incorporates specially designed rollbar to prevent excessive pronation New Balance Men's MW926 $110-$120 Wide interior and toebox Walking Shoe allows for use of orthotics; other sole has extra cushioning Springboost Men's Urban $60-$70 Flexed sole optimizes energy Walking Shoe use and promotes better posture while you walk by ensuring the heel contacts the ground before the toe; three interchangeable insoles for more customized fit Propet Women's Sacha $60-$65 Strap design for people with Walking Shoe arthritis in their hands; shock-absorbing removable insole
Shoe company Ecco have brought out a ladies' walking shoe very appropriate to the region called The Lindisfarne.
Rounding out this holiday week's list of the most popular footwear in the country are two more Nike shoes, the Air Quintessential women's walking shoe and the Air Wheresyagame Mid basketball shoe.