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also walk·y-talk·y (wô′kē-tô′kē)
n. pl. walk·ie-talk·ies also walk·y-talk·ies
A portable battery-powered two-way radio, usually used for short-range communications.


(ˌwɔːkɪˈtɔːkɪ) or


n, pl -talkies
(Telecommunications) a small combined radio transmitter and receiver, usually operating on short wave, that can be carried around by one person: widely used by the police, medical services, etc


(ˈwɔ kiˈtɔ ki)

n., pl. -talk•ies.
a combined voice transmitter and receiver light enough to be carried by one person.
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Noun1.walkie-talkie - small portable radio link (receiver and transmitter)walkie-talkie - small portable radio link (receiver and transmitter)
radio link, link - a two-way radio communication system (usually microwave); part of a more extensive telecommunication network


[ˈwɔːkɪˈtɔːkɪ] Ntransmisor-receptor m portátil, walkie-talkie m



[ˌwɔːkɪˈtɔːkɪ] nwalkie-talkie m inv


(woːk) verb
1. (of people or animals) to (cause to) move on foot at a pace slower than running, never having both or all the feet off the ground at once. He walked across the room and sat down; How long will it take to walk to the station?; She walks her dog in the park every morning.
2. to travel on foot for pleasure. We're going walking in the hills for our holidays.
3. to move on foot along. It's dangerous to walk the streets of New York alone after dark.
1. (the distance covered during) an outing or journey on foot. She wants to go for / to take a walk; It's a long walk to the station.
2. a way or manner of walking. I recognised her walk.
3. a route for walking. There are many pleasant walks in this area.
ˈwalker noun
a person who goes walking for pleasure. We met a party of walkers as we were going home.
ˌwalkie-ˈtalkie noun
a portable two-way radio. The soldiers spoke to each other on the walkie-talkie.
ˈwalking-stick noun
a stick used (especially as an aid to balance) when walking. The old lady has been using a walking-stick since she hurt her leg.
ˈwalkover noun
an easy victory. It was a walkover! We won 8–nil.
ˈwalkway noun
a path etc for pedestrians only.
walk all over (someone)
to pay no respect to (a person's) rights, feelings etc. He'll walk all over you if you let him.
walk off with
1. to win easily. He walked off with all the prizes at the school sports.
2. to steal. The thieves have walked off with my best silver and china.
walk of life
a way of earning one's living; an occupation or profession. People from all walks of life went to the minister's funeral.
walk on air
to feel extremely happy etc. She's walking on air since he asked her to marry him.


جِهَازٌ رَادِيُو للإرْسَالِ والِاسْتِقْبَال vysílačka walkie-talkie Walkie-Talkie φορητός ασύρματος walkie-talkie radiopuhelin talkie-walkie vokitoki walkie-talkie トランシーバー 워키토키 walkietalkie walkie-talkie krótkofalówka walkie-talkie портативная рация walkie-talkie เครื่องรับส่งวิทยุมือถือ telsiz máy điện đài xách tay 对讲机
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Lime green track bottoms, blue eyes, biking jacket and a Garmin GPS tracking system, one of those small but bulky looking devices that look like walky-talkies. He was at the table behind us.
The Naxalites also snatched walky-talkies and mobile phones from the railway officers.
While briefing the IGP, DIG SPU, Agha Yousaf said that 114 single cabin vehicles, 28 motorcycles, 420 jackets, 420 helmets, 60 watch towers, 26 pickups, 126 walky-talkies, 345 steal bunkers, 400 steal panels, tents and sophisticated weapons had been procured for the SPU.
The reason: Star Trek Beyond is filming, according to eye witnesses.Police cars, ambulances and fire trucks lined up the road next to the Financial metro station at 6am as the helicopters hovered above and men in uniforms talked frantically into walky-talkies. "Star Trek shooting," one onlooker said.The action then shifted to the other side of Shaikh Zayed Road as a cameraman in a helicopter seemed to be filming a verstical shot of the blue Aspin building.
The newer version of the film was criticized for the liberties it took -- for instance, removing the word "terrorist" from the film and replacing firearms with walky-talkies -- according to the (http://film.thedigitalfix.com/content/id/5231/et-the-extra-terrestrial.html) Digital Flix .
The statement further said 20 walky-talkies,one thuraya satellite set and some other materials were recovered during a raid on a house in jurisdiction of sixth police station.
Further stressing the motif of miscommunication, Galloway made clever use of walky-talkies whose crackling hampered Dogberry and the Watch's ineffectual communications.
Mobile phones, walky-talkies, radio controlled toys, keyless entry systems all followed as U.S.
Bar chiefs have also been given walky-talkies to warn each other of potential trouble during busy nights.
We were chased in a car by a group of young men, Bengali men on walky-talkies with special patrol responsibility, a delegation of concerned community members round my parents' house, worried I was bringing the tone of the street down, an angry butcher with a knife on Dalston.
Across the street more minders watch from a flat equipped with at least walky-talkies and on a hat-stand hangs his body-armour, a Christmas present from his fiancee Suzanne, who got an identical set in return.
La Judicial del estado ocupaba un edificio construido para otra cosa, tenia pocos vehiculos en condiciones adecuadas y sus equipos de intercomunicacion daban risa: solo proporcionaban buenos walky-talkies a los agentes cuando los mandaban a servir de guaruras en bodas, cumpleanos y fiestas familiares de altos funcionarios: