wall board

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Sheetrock, drywall, wall board - Sheetrock is a trade name for drywall or wall board—pre-hardened plaster of Paris (gypsum) sold in large sheets and used as a wall surface in building construction.
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Invitation to tender: computer science school (senior) gossau, interactive flatscreen & amp; wall board, 2018
A layer of oyster shells is compounded and connected with the surface of a prefabricated concrete wall board.
You'll get better results if you apply a 2-inch layer of extruded polystyrene foam on the interior surface of walls, before applying wall board.
5 inches in bare 10 percent ordnance gel; 10 inches when the gel was behind FBI protocol steel and wall board barriers; and just seven to 7.
Available style options include customizable wall board colors, laminates, and shapes.
There was no food menu, instead, listed on a full-length wall board opposite our table were the day's selection of pizzas - five classic favourites - margherita, pepperoni, Hawaiian, farmhouse and BBQ chicken - and eight unusual new school combinations.
With advanced automation and networking technology, the Gastonia plant produces a thin sheet of glass-reinforced material--called veil--that is used in construction applications such as carpet and ceiling tiles, vinyl flooring and gypsum wall board, as well as automotive applications.
GMS is a North American distributor of wall board and suspended ceilings systems in the US.
So Michael's just another piece on the | ||CORRIE VILLAIN: Pat Phelan pins Anna Windass, played by Debbie Rush against a wall board that has to be negotiated and dealt with and pushed aside.
The company has 2 plants in Bukhara region - JV JSC Bukharagips producing dry building mixes and KNAUF Gips Bukhara producing gypsum wall board.
A new handheld Formaldehyde Meter (FD08) from US firm General Tools & Instruments (General) has been projected as a perfect tool for determining whether flooring, carpeting, drapes, wall board and other furnishings installed in a consumer's home or a business office emit an unsafe level of formaldehyde.
8220;SJS represents a best in class solution for the digital wall board experience available via cloud or on premise,” added Chris Frey, Vice President of Operations at Converged Technology Professionals, Inc.