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Noun1.wall bracket - a support projecting from a wall (as to hold a shelf)
angle iron, angle bracket - an L-shaped metal bracket
console - an ornamental scroll-shaped bracket (especially one used to support a wall fixture); "the bust of Napoleon stood on a console"
corbel, truss - (architecture) a triangular bracket of brick or stone (usually of slight extent)
modillion - (architecture) one of a set of ornamental brackets under a cornice
sconce - a decorative wall bracket for holding candles or other sources of light
shelf bracket - a bracket to support a shelf
support - any device that bears the weight of another thing; "there was no place to attach supports for a shelf"
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Other features include 2 GB of internal memory (holds approximately 500 songs of average length and quality); simple "click and drag" application to add music; shuffle design allows for random song play; a USB cord to download music; four AA batteries, for approximately 75 hours of play time (this would allow for a year's worth of 12-minute showers without having to change the batteries); and a wall bracket for mounted use.
Steve Lloyd, manager of Apollo Birmingham, didn't hesitate in offering a brand new TV and wall bracket after an appeal by the charity.
95 TOTAL Adjustable wall bracket If anything untoward does happen, with the Security Light & DIGITAL CAMERA in place you'll be able to provide real hard evidence to the police of what actually took place.
The final proof being the wall bracket from which the White Swan sign was hung.
To accommodate its flexibility and modular applications, BeoVision 10-32 will offer a wide range of placement options, including motorized stands for floor and table placement, two different brackets for placement close to the wall, and one wall bracket that allows for manual turn and tilt functionality.
Other Hitachi eco friendly and super slim LED TVs will have the following offers:*42" LED TV at 3999 AED+ free wall bracket & installation*47" LED TV at 5499 AED+ free wall bracket & installationHitachi is offering the best prices in the market for LCD TVs:*42" Full HD LCD TV at 2599 AED+ free wall bracket & installation*47" Full HD LCD TV at 3699 AED+ free wall bracket installationTCL's 24" Full HD LCD TV with USB and HDMI inputs is available for 699 AED.
Disengages easily from quick-install wall bracket housing
8 Drive home any additional screws that hold the wall bracket to the wall, using the same method as above.
Murray Feiss unveils this outdoor wall bracket with natural slate back.
You'll also need a wall bracket with screws (pounds 3), connecting hooks (pounds 2) and a fibre liner (pounds 1.
To support the bottom shelf, a right-angle wall bracket was screwed into both a stud and the shelf.
A police spokeswoman said: "Our advice is always to chain motor cycles and scooters to an immovable object such as a wall bracket or a metal hook which has been cemented into the floor, even when the vehicle is stored in a garage or shed.