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Noun1.wall clock - a clock mounted on a wallwall clock - a clock mounted on a wall    
clock - a timepiece that shows the time of day
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And as he walked with hurried steps, his heart beat with an excited tic, tac, tic, tac, just as if it were a wall clock, and his busy brain kept thinking:
Lixhult pink cabinet, PS15, green cabinet, PS20, white cabinet, PS15, grey cabinet, PS30, Stolpa wall clock, PS24, cushion from a selection, twoseater Klippan sofa Sangis multicolour, PS189, all Ikea
The Large Wall Clock offers a wonderfully rustic finish and boasts large roman numerals, adding a classical touch.
uk SHINY FACE Karlson wall clock belt copper, The Design Gift Shop, PS83.
Clockwise, from top left, Eden Teal Clock, PS45, Flip Clock, PS100, Glass Marble Wall Clock, PS25, Large Wall Clock, PS169 and Vestibule Clock, PS119
50, M&S Karlsson origami wall clock PS38, RedCandy
Limited tenders are invited for Supply of Wall clock
A wall clock has been constructed at Commissioner's Office Chowk, Statue of Army personnel at University Road and a fountain in replacement of the cannon near Kutchery Chowk.
The Convener Advisory Body, later visited various sections at NBF headquarter including Book Museum, Book Park, Readers Book Club, Nizami Ganjvi Corner, Hafiz Sherazi Corner, Book Wall Clock and Wall of Honour.
Be Breast Aware" Wall Clock installed at the Women's Hospital.