wall label

wall′ la`bel

a plaque affixed to a wall next to an artwork.
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The monk responded, "I'm doing the best I can," notes a wall label in the exhibit "Flesh: Ivan Albright at the Art Institute of Chicago" (through Aug.
2)--a column stacking a Philips television, Gorenje washing machine, and Bomann refrigerator--is made up of the objects given to the artist's grandmother by an immigrant relief programme when she arrived in Germany, you have to read the wall label. Vo replaced the appliances for his maternal grandmother before incorporating them into his work; the new fridge surely works just as well, but the old one, with a crucifix received from her local church attached to it, is an image of larger societal shifts: migration, welcome, the unfamiliar and the new, fear and hope.
Fake bottles imitating China's own Great Wall label have been uncovered.
It is only when the wall label reveals that the water has been used to wash bodies in a Mexican morgue that the metaphor for violence is actualised and the abstract reference to murder is manifested in real space and time - the vapours of the water enter into our space and time.
Wall Label for Clammer's Marks, North Branch by John Walker John Walker British, b.
Harrison was influenced by many of the noted Impressionist landscape painters, such as Monet, Sisley and Pissarro, but was also "drawn to the more evocative, poetic tonalities of the night sky," according to the wall label. Considering the emphasis that the Impressionists placed on experimenting with the qualities and effects of light and shadow, a moonlit landscape, with just a sliver of the scene revealed by that light is a wonderful, if unexpected, inclusion.
From classic tees to 'wife-beater' tanks, the Great China Wall label invokes tattooed sailor motifs, with retro images of beautiful illustrated bombshells in a range of washed out colours for a 'worn and torn' look.
As I strolled through the gallery, I encountered a couple intently studying the wall label describing a work.
The wall label tells us that this gesture consequently temporarily alleviates the human burden that is the table-destabilizing by-product of treaties and executive actions made and signed with pens like these on tables like this.
"Some have likened Christ's head to a dog or a wolf," notes the Palazzo Strozzi wall label, "but blasphemous intent is unlikely in a 15-year-old."
It is possible to see an entire retrospective of the paintings of Willem de Kooning at MoMA or the colorful and sexy collages of Mickalene Thomas at the Brooklyn Museum without reading a single wall label. Viewers may just revel in the juiciness of the artworks displayed.
A sometime dancer, actress and clown, the Cottage Grove woman sits quietly and fairly unobtrusively, given her clownlike costume, in the corner of the gallery next to a wall label, just like the 59 other art works accepted into the show by this year's jury.