wall off

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w>wall off

vt sep (= cut off)durch eine Mauer (ab)trennen; (= separate into different parts)unterteilen; the monks walled themselves off from the outside worlddie Mönche riegelten sich hinter ihren Mauern von der Welt ab
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nEw pedestrian entrance and gate within existing boundary wall off kilcoole / greystones road (r761) demolition of existing boundary wall along lott lane, provision of 12 no.
As reported in the Examiner, a No Dog Muck slogan was painted on a stone wall off Ainsley Lane.
The gate's gone, the garden wall is gone, and it's knocked some of the wall off the neighbour's house.
In a separate incident firefighters had to cut free an elderly lady after the car she was travelling in crashed into a garden wall off Howard Road, in Kings Heath, just after 4.
In bold lettering and bright colors, one prominent well-worn wall off of a main street reads, "You are the son of donkey.
This will allow you to identify the client's financial goals, wall off unrealistic objectives, and document your findings for the client file.
A bill that was recently introduced by the finance minister of France could force banks to wall off proprietary trading activities.
They said in healthy people, infection with mycobacterium tuberculosis often causes no symptoms, since the person's immune system acts to wall off the bacteria.
East Darfur governor, Maj-Gen Mohammed Fadul Allah Hamid, told the pro-government Sudanese Media Center (SMC) that the first batch of the buffer forces has already arrived to wall off Al-Riziygat and Al-Missryah tribes from each other.
Such is the commercial value of his work that people have hacked an entire wall off a building because it bears some of his graffiti.
She called it a "catastrophe" for the internet if some countries were to wall off web access.
Itoi doubled off the left-field wall off Brian Sikorski (2-5) with one out in the ninth, scoring Hichori Morimoto from second base at Sapporo Dome.