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Noun1.wall painting - a painting that is applied to a wall surfacewall painting - a painting that is applied to a wall surface
fresco - a mural done with watercolors on wet plaster
painting, picture - graphic art consisting of an artistic composition made by applying paints to a surface; "a small painting by Picasso"; "he bought the painting as an investment"; "his pictures hang in the Louvre"
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Tenders are invited for Limited tender for wall painting of oil paints at prominent places in various rural areas of jodhpur ssa
The campaign would continue until the completion of wall painting at conpicuous places of the city, which would help in eliminating the culture of wall-chalking as well, the DCO added.
A NEW figure has been uncovered in a medieval wall painting in the building housing Shakespeare's former classroom.
Archaeologists have discovered an inscription, which may explain the content of the wall painting, found during excavations of the temple of the ancient city Kazakl'i-yatkan, reports Uzbekistan Today.
The wall painting contest was the part of Glow Graffiti Contest phase-II which is supported by Glow, the most loved cellular youth brand of Pakistan that is always a step ahead in supporting the young talents of Pakistan.
It was in this area that du Mesnil du Buisson found several fragments of wall painting.
2013 * Curated by Friedrich Meschede * STAATLICHE KUNSTHALLE BADEN-BADEN * July 20-October 27 * Curated by Johan Holten * The Lascaux caves prove wall painting to be civilization's most durable art form.
It's an idea I've been thinking about for a long time - a wall painting that contains different styles and different artists.
One of the most important discoveries is the wall painting of St George and the Dragon, thought to be the largest known painting in Wales to portray the legend, and possibly the largest and best preserved in Britain.
High Commissioner Kariyawasam gave a brief description of Sri Lanka's wall painting heritage dating back two thousand years which still continues.
The systematic study of medieval wall painting often is hindered by the historical loss of paintings, which certainly has been the case in England and Wales.
Abridged from the grander (and more expensive) 2004 Domus; wall painting in the Roman house, this lovely, oversized volume (8.