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n.1.(Arch.) One of the half ribs against the walls in a ceiling vaulted with ribs.
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Here, if the superior border of the chest wall defect was over the top of the diaphragm, we used net and bone cement for the reconstruction of the chest wall ribs. If the superior border of the chest wall defect was under the top of diaphragm, we joined the inferior border defect of the chest wall and the diaphragm together with a “Prolene” net to make part of the chest into an “abdomen”, so that we could eliminate the sinus phrenicocostalis to prevent paradoxical breathing.[sup][4]
Proper acoustics necessary for the music made inside the academy are integrated into the building's architecture: sloping glass walls that minimize reflections, ceiling baffles to reduce noise, and acoustic concrete wall ribs. By providing a place for Memphis youth to play music, not only does the academy aim to educate students about the music created in the original recording studio, it is also geared toward shaping future music legends.