multiflora rose

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mul·ti·flo·ra rose

A climbing or sprawling shrub (Rosa multiflora) native to East Asia, having clusters of small fragrant flowers. It was used as a rootstock for many horticultural varieties and is weedy in North America.

[Partial translation of New Latin Rosa multiflōra, species name : Latin rosa, rose + Late Latin multiflōra, feminine of multiflōrus, multiflorous (Latin multi-, multi- + Latin flōs, flōr-, flower; see Flora).]
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multiflora rose

(Plants) an Asian climbing shrubby rose, Rosa multiflora, having clusters of small fragrant flowers: the source of many cultivated roses
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mul′tiflo′ra rose′

a climbing or trailing rose, Rosa multiflora, having fragrant, dense clusters of flowers.
[1820–30; multiflora < New Latin, feminine of Medieval Latin multiflōrus bearing many flowers; see multi-, -florous]
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Noun1.multiflora rose - vigorously growing rose having clusters of numerous small flowersmultiflora rose - vigorously growing rose having clusters of numerous small flowers; used for hedges and as grafting stock
rose, rosebush - any of many shrubs of the genus Rosa that bear roses
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All that goes to the glory and joy of life perished in that uncountable roll of days, when the sun went out, and inch by inch the wall rose which will divide me forever from you and all the world.
A steep rock like a wall rose directly in his way; it seemed to cut off all retreat, when fortunately he espied the strong, cord-like branch of a grapevine reaching half way down it.
One of these residents, Daniel Garcia Salinas, director of a museum on the Mexican side of the border, told CNN the new wall rose rapidly over the weekend.