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Noun1.Wall tent - a canvas tent with four vertical wallswall tent - a canvas tent with four vertical walls
canvas tent, canvass, canvas - a tent made of canvas fabric
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This tent gives you the feel of a wall tent, but it's much lighter with extra-tall four-foot sidewalls.
While sharing a camp in the Yukon, I was in a large wall tent with Dwight and four or five other people Dwight knew.
Tents were available to rent for all eight days, with a 10X15 foot wall tent costing $16, and a 12X19-foot one for $19.50.
The relationship only lasted long enough to survive a tough winter in a wall tent warmed by a small, 10-inch wood stove.
"In the '70s we would pack up the old Ford Broncos with a 12x14 wall tent and all the gear we had for nine days of hunting outside the town of Pittsfield, Maine," Hank recalls.
At night, he went home to his wife and infant son--in a wall tent pitched nearby.
The spike camp was just perfect--a canvas wall tent that had a table, two cots and a wood-burning stove.
The 310 neck sizes only but since you'll be using it in your remote trapper's cabin or hunter's wall tent, ammunition will be used in the same firearm in which it was initially fired so neck sizing is adequate.
But there are days when even her wall tent can't block out the cold.
Two to 3 feet of snow in the Lava Lake campground disappeared in a matter of days last week, campground host Frank Ford said Friday, as a group of Portland-area campers erected a wall tent on bare ground.
Sue Harrison, an adviser for the Rural Development Service in the North-East, said: "Last year we teamed up our RDS colleagues in the North-West, the Countryside Agency and Hadrian's Wall Path National Trail, Hadrian's Wall Tourism Partnership, the Camping and Caravan Club, One NorthEast, Business Link for Northumberland, Haltwhistle Partnership and parish councils in Northumberland and Cumbria to launch the Hadrian's Wall Tent Project.