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also wal·la  (wä′lä, wŏl′ə)
1. One employed in a particular occupation or activity: a kitchen wallah; rickshaw wallahs.
2. An important person in a particular field or organization: "the Ritz, a favorite haunt of Republican wallahs" (John Robinson).

[From Hindi -vālā, n. suff. indicating the person concerned with an item or engaged in an activity, from Prakrit pāla-, keeper, from Sanskrit pālaḥ, protector, herdsman, from pālayati, he brings across safely (as for example animals at a ford), protects variant of pārayati; see per- in Indo-European roots.]


(ˈwɒlə) or


(usually in combination) informal a person involved with or in charge of (a specified thing): the book wallah.
[C18: from Hindi -wālā from Sanskrit pāla protector]


or wal•la

(ˈwɑ lɑ, -lə)

n., pl. -lahs or -las.
a person employed at or concerned with a particular thing, specified by the preceding word: a ticket wallah.
[1770–80; < Hindi -wālā]
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Noun1.wallah - usually in combination: person in charge of or employed at a particular thing; "a kitchen wallah"; "the book wallah"
Bharat, India, Republic of India - a republic in the Asian subcontinent in southern Asia; second most populous country in the world; achieved independence from the United Kingdom in 1947
worker - a person who works at a specific occupation; "he is a good worker"


[ˈwɒlə] Nhombre m (pej) → tío m, sujeto m
the ice-cream wallahel hombre de los helados
the wallah with the beardél de la barba


n (dated sl)Typ m (inf)
References in classic literature ?
They were tall, fierce-looking chaps, Mahomet Singh and Abdullah Khan by name, both old fighting-men who had borne arms against us at Chilian- wallah.
from 132-KV Scarp Colony grid station, 240 Mor, Ali Pur, Dana Abad and Bachiana feeders originating from 132-KV Jaranwala grid station, Jaranwala Road feeder emanating from 132-KV Khurarianwala grid station, Usman Abad feeder originating from 132-KV Chiniot grid station, Imam Bargah Road feeder emanating from 132-KV Factory Area grid station, Akbar Abad feeder originating from 132-KV University grid station, Gulistan Colony feeder emanating from 132-KV OTP grid station, Wallah and Lalian City feeders originating from 132-KV Lalian grid station,
lifts by deployment of necessary plant & machine executing by the agencies at his own cost Including cost of constructions of ramps/crossing of channels/ Wallah Streams to facilitate all operations, removal of the same.
Shashi appeared in the Merchant Ivory films The Householder (1963), Heat and Dust (1983) and Shakespeare Wallah (1965).
Asif Khan, Shahid Ali Khan and Diba Kiran will present a special song 'Tu Ibn Hamad Qaum Ki Aankhon Ka Hai Tara; Wallah Tamim Hum Ko Hai Bas Jan Se Payara', penned by long-time Qatar resident and poet Shaukat Ali Naz.
His English-language movies included The Householder in 1963, Shakespeare Wallah in 1965, Bombay Talkie in 1970 and Heat And Dust, in which he co-starred with his wife, British actress Jennifer Kendal, in 1982.
He also won over the West with his films including The Householder and Shakespeare Wallah .
I'm still good, I'm known as the Poo Wallah in my house.
Another case related to the arrest of a man known as the white corolla wallah.
Wallah is an Indian suffix referring to a person whose work has become one with their identity.
Adel said Wallah to Jon and his famous "Wake up Canada" line.