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also wal·la  (wä′lä, wŏl′ə)
1. One employed in a particular occupation or activity: a kitchen wallah; rickshaw wallahs.
2. An important person in a particular field or organization: "the Ritz, a favorite haunt of Republican wallahs" (John Robinson).

[From Hindi -vālā, n. suff. indicating the person concerned with an item or engaged in an activity, from Prakrit pāla-, keeper, from Sanskrit pālaḥ, protector, herdsman, from pālayati, he brings across safely (as for example animals at a ford), protects variant of pārayati; see per- in Indo-European roots.]
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(ˈwɒlə) or


(usually in combination) informal a person involved with or in charge of (a specified thing): the book wallah.
[C18: from Hindi -wālā from Sanskrit pāla protector]
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or wal•la

(ˈwɑ lɑ, -lə)

n., pl. -lahs or -las.
a person employed at or concerned with a particular thing, specified by the preceding word: a ticket wallah.
[1770–80; < Hindi -wālā]
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Noun1.wallah - usually in combination: person in charge of or employed at a particular thing; "a kitchen wallah"; "the book wallah"
Bharat, India, Republic of India - a republic in the Asian subcontinent in southern Asia; second most populous country in the world; achieved independence from the United Kingdom in 1947
worker - a person who works at a specific occupation; "he is a good worker"
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[ˈwɒlə] Nhombre m (pej) → tío m, sujeto m
the ice-cream wallahel hombre de los helados
the wallah with the beardél de la barba
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n (dated sl)Typ m (inf)
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References in classic literature ?
They were tall, fierce-looking chaps, Mahomet Singh and Abdullah Khan by name, both old fighting-men who had borne arms against us at Chilian- wallah. They could talk English pretty well, but I could get little out of them.
"He spoke more fluent Urdu than the Indian actors who played the Punkah Wallah and the Char Wallah."
Some of the popular songs that still echo in the minds of people included: 'Jaag Utha He Sara Watan', 'Apne Parcham Talay Har Sipahi Chaley', 'Na Chura Sako Gey Daman', 'Jab Raat Dhali Tum Yaad Aaye', 'Har Qadam Par Nit Naye Saanchey Me Dhal Jaatey Hen Log', 'Hum Bhi Musafir Tum Bhi Musafir', 'Me Ne to Preet Nibhai', 'Sanwarya Rey Nikla Tu Harjayee', 'Nawazish Karam Shukria Meherbani', 'Door Veeraney Me Ik Shama Hey Roshan Kab Sey', 'Hum Ne To Tumhen Dil Dey Hi Diya', 'Wallah Sar Sey Paon Talak Mauj e Noor Ho', and 'Men Khushi Se Kyon Na Gaaon'.
On the USB, the public prosecution found a video of the first accused man insulting the victim, and his face appeared when he was saying "Khamam Wallah Khamam", and the voice note sent by the second accused person said "Bayekh", which means silly.
The elegantly feline Jaffrey -- best known for her roles in the Merchant-Ivory film 'Shakespeare Wallah' (1965) and, more recently, NBC sitcom 'I Feel Bad' -- was incarnating a gangster granny who refuses to submit to her son's bleating demands for less meddling and more dutiful child care.
He released his first single "Bawada'ak" (Farewell) in 2002 followed by "Wallah Mayiswa" (Not Worth It) and "Bassbour Al Fourgakom" (Farewell Passport).
Aside from Realmuto, only (https://ibtimes.com/dodgers-trade-rumors-jt-realmuto-still-option-los-angeles-2019-after-russell-martin-2751391) Chad Wallah is the other reliable player on the roster.
Wallah Nistahel, an activist team that works on educational media among other things, said, "'I See Oman' is a competition organised by Wallah Nistahel in cooperation with Vision 2040.
Wallah, we will have our concerts in the street if we have to.
The sabzi wallah or green grocer would enter its streets at about ten o' clock and announce his arrival with a nasal operatic flourish.
According to a military reporter for the Israeli news site Wallah the Israeli army is preparing for another protest planned for the weekend and has issued directives to its soldiers to open fire on any armed Palestinian up to 300 metres from the border fence.
The investigations over Case 4000 revolve around facilitations offered by Netanyahu to the businessman Shaul Elovitch, the owner of the news site Wallah, in return for favourable media coverage, Middle East Monitor reported.