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n. pl. wal·la·roos or wallaroo
Any of several large macropods of the genus Macropus, smaller than a kangaroo and larger than a wallaby, especially M. robustus, found throughout much of Australia. Also called euro2.

[Dharuk walaru.]


n, pl -roos or -roo
(Animals) a large stocky Australian kangaroo, Macropus (or Osphranter) robustus, of rocky regions
[C19: from native Australian wolarū]


(ˌwɒl əˈru)

n., pl. -roos, (esp. collectively) -roo.
a large reddish kangaroo, Macropus robustus, of rocky areas. Also called euro.
[1820–30; < Dharuk wa-la-ru]
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