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A long-billed crimson and gray bird (Tichodroma muraria) of mountainous regions of Eurasia and Africa, that feeds on insects on rocky cliffs.
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To start me on my Dorothy journey, my booksellers/handlers zealously promoted Nell Zink's debut novel, The Wallcreeper (2014), which received rave reviews from PW and Kirkus as well as a glowing write-up in the New York Times Sunday Book Review (as many Dorothy books do).
It's a typically offbeat scenario from Nell Zink, the satirist whose previous novels Mislaid and The Wallcreeper were as bracing as they were hilarious.
In her previous books, The Wallcreeper (2014) and Mislaid (2015), Zink has grounded her wandering style in philosophical questions about topics that some might consider hefty: sex, kinship, identity politics (usually appropriation), domestic trauma, environmental doom.