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1. pl. walleye or wall·eyes A freshwater food and game fish (Sander vitreus) of North America, having large silvery eyes and a greenish-yellow mottled body.
a. See exotropia.
b. An eye or eyes affected with exotropia.
3. An eye with a light-colored iris or white or opaque cornea.

[Back-formation from walleyed.]
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n, pl -eyes or -eye
1. (Pathology) a divergent squint
2. (Pathology) opacity of the cornea
3. (Physiology) an eye having a white or light-coloured iris
4. (Zoology) (in some collies) an eye that is particoloured white and blue
5. (Animals) Also called: walleyed pike a North American pikeperch, Stizostedion vitreum, valued as a food and game fish
6. (Animals) any of various other fishes having large staring eyes
[back formation from earlier walleyed, from Old Norse vagleygr, from vage, perhaps: a film over the eye (compare Swedish vagel sty in the eye) + -eygr -eyed, from auga eye; modern form influenced by wall]
ˈwallˌeyed adj
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(ˈwɔl aɪ)

n., pl. -eyes, (esp. collectively for 1,2 ) -eye.
1. Also called walleyed pike. a large game fish, Stizostedion vitreum, of lakes and rivers in NE North America, having large eyes.
[1515–25; back formation from walleyed]
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Noun1.walleye - strabismus in which one or both eyes are directed outward
squint, strabismus - abnormal alignment of one or both eyes
2.walleye - pike-like freshwater percheswalleye - pike-like freshwater perches  
pike perch, pike-perch - any of several pike-like fishes of the perch family
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n. estrabismo divergente, exotropía; leucoma corneal.
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Captain Bret Alexander has fished these waters his entire life and eagerly anticipates the annual influx of giant walleye into northern Green Bay each summer.
Buchanan's fishing rig is big enough to stretch out your legs and even walk around when fighting a muskie or a walleye that doesn't want to be boated.
The efforts were undertaken by engineers of the Aviation Ordnance Department at Naval Air Station China Lake in California, who had been working for several years on the design and development of the AGM--62 Walleye. Jack Crawford and Bill Woodworth of the department are regarded as the inventors of the Walleye.
The weekend of May 5-6 was a good one for anglers, as two set new state fishing records for walleye and black crappie.
As for the device codenamed walleye, this will be the smaller Pixel 2 and will feature a 4.97-inch display with a screen resolution of 1080p full HD.
There was also excitement over a Walleye Aquaculture Workshop, hosted by Waubetek and held in Sudbury in March, which focused on establishing a cage-culture industry for walleye, which is garnering increasing interest from producers (aquaculture operations typically produce rainbow trout).
5well-remembered piece of Navy military history turned 0 in early November and received a Bravo Zulu from some of the folks that helped imagine, design, and manage its legacy, with the opening of the Walleye exhibit in the U.S.
This study examined juvenile walleye survivorship at three stocking densities and the corresponding temporal patterns in zooplankton populations.
The walleye, Sander vitreus, is widely distributed across North America, from the McKenzie River drainage in northern Canada through the Great Lakes Basin, much of the Mississippi River Basin (Colby et al., 1979; Jenkins and Burkhead, 1994), and the Mobile River Basin (Billington and Maceina, 1997).
We examined the stomach contents of juvenile walleye pollock (Theragra chalcogramma) to explain previously observed seasonal and regional variation in juvenile body condition.