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1. Often Offensive Affected with exotropia.
a. Having large bulging eyes, as some fish.
b. Having eyes wide-open and glaring, as in anger.
3. Having an eye with a light-colored iris or white or opaque cornea.
4. Slang Intoxicated; drunk.

[Middle English wawileyed, from Old Norse vagl-eygr : vagl, film over the eye; see wegh- in Indo-European roots + auga, eye; see okw- in Indo-European roots.]
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1. having exotropia.
2. having large, staring eyes, as some fishes.
3. marked by excited or agitated staring of the eyes, as in fear or astonishment.
4. having a milky whitish eye, as from an opacity of the cornea.
[1300–50; Middle English wawileghed, waugle eghed < Old Norse vagleygr=vagl- (meaning uncertain; compare Icelandic vagl film over the eye) + -eygr -eyed; see eye; compare Old English waldenīge]
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Adj.1.walleyed - having divergent strabismus
cross-eyed - having convergent strabismus
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The day before the memorial gathering, Jane and I had a lovely lunch and afternoon together chatting at a pretty wooded patio restaurant, enjoying fresh walleyed pike (a local variety of white fish).
"They do look suspiciously identical," the banker said, gazing intently into the bright eyes of his umpteenth walleyed beauty of the day, then unhooking and sending it back home.
I remembered the cadavers and Doreen and the story of the fig-tree and Marco's diamond and the sailor on the Common and Doctor Gordon's walleyed nurse and the broken thermometers and the negro with his two kinds of beans and the twenty pounds I gained on insulin and the rock that bulged between sky and sea like a grey skull.
unpresumptuous, a little walleyed. He seems delighted to be here--to be
Questioned by Clare why he does not look anyone in the eye when he speaks with them, August acknowledges that "I'm getting a little walleyed and--a little dishonest, I guess" (10).
There are no Canadian geese, no seagulls (except Jonathan Livingston), there is no such thing as a walleyed pike, those nasty little squabbling birds that invade bluebird nest boxes are not sparrows, nobody on a police or forensics drama has ever really had a theory, and--you get the point.
The walleyed and bearded man in the gray sweater that says BUFFS tells people that he comes from somewhere cold, somewhere a lot colder than here, wherever here happens to be.
As walleyed Ballard watches the oncoming cavalcade that will evict him from his home with extreme force, thereby hastening his decline into madness, the third-person narrator delivers the novel's most haunting line--that Ballard is "A child of God much like yourself perhaps" (4).
When she's really out of sorts, both eyes cross and once in a while, she's even walleyed (Yikes!).