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A game similar to volleyball played on a four-walled court with a ball the same size as but harder than a volleyball that is allowed to bounce once off the ceiling or once off the walls before being returned over the net.

[Blend of wall and volleyball.]


(Ball Games, other than specified) a ball game played on an indoor court


(ˈwɒl iˌbɔl, ˈwɔ li-)
a game similar to volleyball played in a walled court so that the ball may be bounced against the walls.
[1985–90; b. wall and volleyball]
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The Y courts are also used for Wallyball, personal and group training and even table tennis when scheduled.
"It was there I created a game with Matthew Perry called Wallyball," she laughs.
We're still not sure what kind of sand isn't dirty, and figure anyone who doesn't want to get sand between their toes should stick to wallyball. City officials say this particular sand comes from the Oregon Coast, but the regulars we met swear it's some kind of low-down, dirty river sand.
wallyball canoeing cycling in-line skating swimming downhill skiing walking (5 miles per hour or 2.5 miles in 30 minutes)
Three times a week they get together to play "wallyball" -- volleyball played on a racquetball court.
"We have 40 washers and 40 dryers in a huge laundry facility, racquetball, two full-size bowling lanes, an indoor basketball court, wallyball and a pretty substantial fitness room."
sports: bodyboard, clap skate, cross-train, five hole, trash talk, wallyball
During his stay at the defendant's ranch, the decedent reportedly engaged in a wallyball game.
Indeed, but the game is officially known as "wallyball," and it's played worldwide in some 2,200 racquetball clubs, colleges, gyms, and military installations.
This "sports country club" has enough to keep members busy for hours: tennis, swimming, volleyball, basketball, indoor track, squash, wallyball, racquetball, a fitness area, pro shop, beauty salon, sports therapy and three restaurants.
Members can kick soccer balls with teams of 18-year-olds, slam tennis balls and spike volleyballs with future lawyers, compete with grad students in wallyball and just run wild in countless other sports events.
Offering everything from white water rafting to wallyball tournaments is the secret behind ClubSport's success.