waltz Matilda

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 (wôlts, wôls)
a. A ballroom dance in triple time with a strong accent on the first beat.
b. The music for this dance.
c. An instrumental or vocal composition in triple time.
2. Informal Something that presents no difficulties and can be accomplished with little effort.
v. waltzed, waltz·ing, waltz·es
1. To dance the waltz.
2. Informal To move with self-assuredness or indifference: always waltzes into the office 30 minutes late.
3. Informal To accomplish a task, chore, or assignment with little effort: waltzed through the exams.
1. To dance the waltz with.
2. Informal To lead or force to move in a self-assured or purposeful manner; march: waltzed them into the principal's office.
waltz Matilda Australian
To travel about, especially on foot, carrying a swag.

[German Walzer, from walzen, to turn about, from Middle High German, to roll, from Old High German walzan; see wel- in Indo-European roots. Idiom, from Matilda.]

waltz′er n.
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waltz Matilda

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