wander back


w>wander back

vi (cows, strays)zurückkommen or -wandern; shall we start wandering back to the car? (inf)wollen wir langsam or allmählich zum Auto zurückgehen?; after two years she wandered back to her husbandnach zwei Jahren fand or ging sie zu ihrem Mann zurück
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She let her mind wander back over her stay at Grand Isle; and she tried to discover wherein this summer had been different from any and every other summer of her life.
The calendar moves on, but we remain stationary, so for this effort I wander back in memory past Fourth of July celebrations, and for me that usually means being at my aunt and uncle's store, gently settled in a true neighborhood yard at a residence on Clark Street.
Its small fish jump to hit the ground and wander back and forth around sailing dhows, which allows visitors to enjoy the flowing winter sun, according to Oman News Agency (ONA).
And when the moment comes for him at some point of tonight's crunch, the hitman reckons he'll shut his eyes and let his mind wander back to past glories to provide inspiration.
That little neighbor kid may wander back into your garage in a few years and take an interest in what you're doing.
Harness Free THIS morn as I awoke I lay, my mind did wander back so far, In time to places where we'd play, when latch key kids, our doors ajar.
2) 35 things you'd know if you grew up in Huddersfield in the 1990s Pull on your Global Hypercolour T-shirt and let's go for a wander back through readers' memories of growing up in our town in the 1990s 3) Armed police in Huddersfield: teams deployed after tip-off about Springwood shooting suspect Police have revealed details of the armed manhunt which shocked residents in Gledholt and Paddock on Sunday afternoon.
Think I shall have to have a wander back for a dragon's feast next time!
even the crushed dog, then wander back to his room, put his teeth in a
The title story is a family saga of sorts, a complex, interwoven panorama in which the memories of four generations of Russian Jews wander back and forth in time.
He said: "If I let my mind wander back to the old days, the Dundee United times and some of the stories, I am actually proud that I came through that regime.
That's it, take the two teams off, at whatever level the game is being played, and leave the idiots to just wander back to whatever sad and vacuous existence they came from.